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ConagherConagher by Louis L’Amour

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I am a longtime fan of Louis L’Amour’s Classic Westerns. I believe, he presents the truest authentic record of the Old West that others have so romanticized. Louis’s grandfather lived the Old West and told his grandson about it, sparking a stream of stories which live on.

In a Louis L’Amour Western, there is always a bad guy and a hero who is a match for him. And there is always a bit of romance. The hero gets the heroine he deserves and vice versa. I think this winning combination is what still captivates readers who continue to enjoy Louis L’Amour’s books.

This story is a particular favorite of mine, The hero is a man who will not be stopped, who “rides” to his own drumbeat and is completely humble…and lonely.

And it just so happens, we have a lonely heroine, Evie Teale. A woman who married a man for survival and when he disappears, must survive and protect his children. She has found a home and will not leave it–no matter who comes to her door.

And something new appears on the frontier. Some woman is writing little snippets of her feelings, almost free verse poetry.

Will Conagher find the writer of these snippets and also find a home?

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  1. Sunnie says:

    I had a friend who read every Louis L’Amour book written. This sounds good, Also Lyn I am reading Honor at the moment and is that ever good!!! You are a great author.

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