Lyn Reviews Margaret Daley’s To Save Her Child

To Save Her Child (Alaskan Search and Rescue #2)To Save Her Child by Margaret Daley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Margaret Daley is a friend, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write an honest review. So here goes! Recently Margaret reached a milestone– her 70th book. WOW! This lady can write–and does!

This story in particular is part of the continuity series, “Alaskan Search and Rescue.” Harlequin designs these multi-author series so each series has a theme and similar elements but each story is written about a different hero and heroine and by a different author.

Margaret’s story in this contininuity concerns a single mom, her son and a very handsome search and rescue volunteer.

This book was not a nuanced as most of Margaret’s romances are. I think that had to do with lining it up to go with the other stories and authors. (Each of these continuity series books follow a guide drawn up by the editors.)

However, it was not possible to escape caring about her heroine who’d escaped an abusive marriage or not to fall in love with Josiah, her hero. A solid read by an amazing author!

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