Lyn Reviews Marta Perry’s The Promised Amish Bride

4 Stars out of 5

The Promised Amish Bride (Brides of Lost Creek #3)The Promised Amish Bride by Marta Perry

Again I want you to know that Marta Perry is a dear friend, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write and honest review. An honestly this was another of Marta’s lovely, sweet but realistic Amish stories.

I say honest because unlike many “Amish” authors, she doesn’t sugar-coat the Amish. Her Amish characters are not perfect. They are flawed people who are trying to live a life pleasing to the Ordnung. Aaron “jumped the fence.” If you read Amish, you know what that means. 🙂 And now he has come home uncertain of his welcome.

Right away he meets the little girl who long ago had a crush on him in school. But now she’s Teacher Sally and a match for him in more ways than one. A story of family misunderstandings, pain and blessed reconciliation.

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