Lyn Reviews Zara Keane’s The Postman Always Dies Twice

The Postman Always Dies Twice (Movie Club Mysteries #2)The Postman Always Dies Twice by Zara Keane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Zara Keane’s titles-twists on old movies that I watched after 10 p.m. on black and white TV’s. Oh, dear that shows my age–however, I didn’t see it at the theater in black and white when it was brand new-Whew! I’m young again! Anyway no one was very unhappy to see the Whisper Island (Ireland) postman end up dead. But is it really him? Maggie Doyle has her hands full with her Guarda boyfriend Liam, his lazy boss who hates her, her family and other quirky island folk. If you want a fun mystery, a bit racy at times but all good fun–THIS COZY is for you!–Lyn

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