Looking Ahead to 2019! — 8 Comments

  1. Yes! How wonderful when our children get together. We have 2 and 1 grand and it’s so wonderful when they are all here together. Let me know when it happens–having faith it will.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that your son has passed. It is a comfort that he is with God but hard to let him go. God bless you and uplift you.

  3. I’m having number seven grandchild! First time for my daughter. She has been trying for 5 years! So excited. She will be a great mommy.

  4. DH and I are planning to go on a Christian cruise to Mexico to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We are looking forward to some warmer weather, great singing, and amazing fellowship with many friends.

    We are in need of a time of reflection and renewal after our son unexpectedly passed into eternity late last month. It is a comfort to know he is now with the Lord, but it does leave a empty space in our lives in the here and now. God does all things well; we rest in that assurance.

  5. This next summer we are looking forward to and desperately praying that it will happen is to have a family reunion. We have not had our children and grand babies in one place for about 3 years. We would like a family picture and enjoy the ocean with our babies

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