How about Sharing Special Christmas Ornaments?


How about sharing your special Christmas ornaments? We all have them don’t we? The photo above is my cats napping on my lap as I sat in my cozy robe by the Christmas tree.  I was thinking about some of the ornaments the other day.

Here are a few who have specail memories for me.

This is my son’s BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, a present from my sister in law.

Here is my daughter’s first Christmas ornament, a gift from a friend. Do you remember Ziggy?


I cross-stitched this ornament (don’t do that anymore!) It reminds me of my husband and I when we first married–except for the top hat–he never wore one of those!

Ornmanet cat

Here is another of my cross-stitched ornaments. I made this for my daughter who loves cats as much or more than I do and it is stitched with her nickname, Mimi.

Ornament Snow White

This is special to me because I bought it the last time I went to Disney World and I lost a friend soon after.

So those are my special Christmas ornaments. Would you like to tell us about one that is special to you? There might be a drawing for an ebook. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR KIN :-)–Lyn


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