Choices of Cover Model Couples for a New Book 1 — 80 Comments

  1. While I like a clean shaven man, I like no. 1, something about gazing into the eyes with love.
    (I do wish the current style of unshaven men would end, but that’s just me. I don’t enjoy prickly…)

  2. Well, I know I should not judge my looks, but cover for a romance makes me think that way. I don’t find male # l appealing because of scrubby facial hair. Male # 3 just is not handsome – kind of weird-looking and whiskers.

    I do like that the coupld in # 1 are looking at each other, and the couple in #3 are looking forward together.

  3. I like 1 for the cover. I would definitely check that story out.

  4. I like #1. I could almost feel their connection just by looking at them staring into each other’s eyes! It makes me want to know more!

  5. I like #1. I could almost feel their connection just by looking at them s/aring into each other’s eyes! It makes me want to know more!

  6. I like #1. They’re looking at each other and gave me the idea that they were discussing their story.

  7. I vote #1 couple because it looks like they have a new story about there relationship. I also like #3 due to it being a friends to relationship vibe & maybe news like she’s pregnant with a baby.

  8. I vote for #1 because they look culturally different, and focused on each other. #3 look comfortable, as if their “story” was a few years ago. And #2 look like she is having a romantic moment while he is thinking about getting an oil change.

  9. It was hard to choose between #1 & #3 but will go with #1 because they are looking at each other

  10. It was a hard choice between 1 and 3, but I guess I’ll choose 1. They seem intense. The 3 couple looks like fun, which is always good in a relationship.

  11. Book one. I love the dep look they are sharing and also love. A man with facial hair

  12. 2nd one. I love the look on her face and the soft curls and the scarf. I wonder we they have been or are going

  13. Love #1. There’s something about the intensity of their gaze that draws you in, immediately shows a connection. They’re in their own little world. Letting down her guard to a new realization perhaps? Looks like they’re on the brink of something, and I’d like to know what that is.

  14. Definitely #1—-#3 has his eyes closed and I don’t feel any interest in the #2 couple

  15. #3, if the guy in 1 didn’t have a beard may have picked that one instead but the guy in #2 just doesn’t do it for me at all.

  16. Couple #1 seems to have a serious love connection, so that would be my choice! They are intently looking into one another’s eyes, as if seeking what is in their hearts.

  17. I think #3. She’s enjoying his full attention. Definitely not #2 as his focus is elsewhere.

  18. #1 Is the best! The adoration and love seem to radiate from both of them. Even though you can’t see his eyes, the feeling of love and importance seems to float all around.

  19. I vote for #3. It is different to the usual love story…..whatever it is it looks like they are facing challenges together

  20. I vote for #1. I love the colors and the way that they are looking at each other. They look deeply connected and really into each other.

  21. Couple #1
    They are staring deeply into each other’s eyes and the othes are not. They seem to be in love, and there is a backstory between them, and I want to know what it is!

  22. I go with number one. They are looking at each other. The other 2 don’t give you the connection that # 1 does.

  23. #3 — they look good together. I like her smile…and I want to know what ‘secret’ he is whispering in her ear.

  24. #1. They look like they are deeply in love and they’re there for each other. I also like the highlight color in the cover.

  25. I like photo 2. Something is going to happen there. They look happy.
    I would love to know their story.

  26. #3…they look so happy, in love, and content – just like everyone wants to be! Not sure how that ties in with your story line, but they spoke to me. The other two seem staged!
    Paper Hugs,

  27. Definitely couple 1. They are so in love and you can absolutely see the depth in their eyes. I think they would be great for any romance book!

  28. Couple 1
    I like that they are looking at each other. Also, I like the sun in the background.

  29. I vote for #1because they are looking like “where are we headed?What are we going to do next to see if we’re meant to be with each other.

  30. Number 1. No competition.

    I fixated on the noses of Girl 2 and Guy 3 too much to be interested in their story.

    Couple #1 have so much love in their eyes, I didn’t notice if they had noses. I’ll buy that book. 😉

  31. Hi Lyn,

    Definitely #1. They look like they have an interesting story and I want to read their story!

  32. I think #3. They seem to be relaxed,not posed. I wonder what they are thinking about!

  33. #1 because the look they are giving each other makes them seem strongly connected.

  34. I choose 2 because the guy is clean shaven and the clothing seems more fitted to the timeframe. The others look too modern-day

  35. #1 made me look three times, lol. And their intense look at each other makes me want to know their story.

  36. # 2 for me. The others are looking at each other & seem happy. #2 He is looking at her but she is not looking at him and her eyes are looking down like there is something she needs to tell him or say. Makes me think there is more to their story and of course I want to know what that is!!!

  37. I choose #3. You wonder what he is thinking with his eyes closed. Is he just taking her all in, is he dreaming of what could happen, or is he praying for wisdom and direction. Ready to read this book!

  38. It’s between 1 and 3. I like #1 because they are looking in each other’s eyes, yet #3 seem to enjoy being together. #2 is just a No!
    I want to know couple #3 story. That’s my final answer, lol!

  39. I choose Number 3. They look sincerely connected to each other and truly happy.The pose is very natural. Really would like to know their story. No to number 1 due to they look like they are posing and the lighting from the background overtakes them. No to number 2 as they look shy and uncomfortable with each other. He looks unsure of his feelings for her. Just my thoughts.

  40. I choose #1. They seem to be more interested in each other than the others do.

  41. I vote for #3. I want to know what about their relationship caused such a friendly smile on her face!

  42. I like 3 the best. What are they smiling about? One can tell they are ‘good’ friends by their closeness. And then I look at #1 and they are looking intently at each other and one wonders what the situation is that caused that intent look. So I can at least narrow it down to those two…not much help, I’m afraid. LOL

  43. I vote for couple number 1…..because they are looking at each other. The other two couples don’t seem as connected to each other.

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