Cover Model Choices Book 2 — 23 Comments

  1. Two. The fur coat and the hat are more to the period and the expression is contemplating something!

  2. I love #3. She seems more innocent and less likely to be a spy. She would slip under the radar. #1 seems really sophisticated and worldly so might be suspected as someone untrustworthy.

  3. I like #3 because she looks as if she has a look of innocence and could be hired for any job. Her eyes do suggest that she is looking ahead to the future, but certainly not expecting to become a spy. #1 is the most eye-catching, but she looks far too sophisticated and like she knows she owns the world – not a girl who would be surprised by moving up from a everybody secretary to serving as an espionage agent. #2 would be okay, but I’m not at all drawn to her.

  4. I would go with #2. She looks more innocent and unassuming. #1 is too glamorous and #3 doesn’t seem to fit the right era in history.

  5. Ooops, that’s supposed to read “I just love her looks” not “midlife”…don’t you love autocorrect?? Ugh, sorry!

  6. I’m going to be different and say model #3. I really like how “innocent” she looks and that could be a great advantage to being an espionage agent. To me, she looks more like a secretary and a character that I’d like to get to know. Not sure why she strikes my fancy, but I midlife her looks 🙂

  7. I like Model #1. She is stunning with a definite air of mystery!

  8. I like 2 because she looks like she could be a secretary. She’s not super polished like number 1, but she still looks smart and a thinker.

  9. I think #1 fits well into the time period! And she has secrecy about her.

  10. I like Model #1. She is grabbed my attention right away. She is very striking & alluring.

  11. I think number 1 would make me more interested in reading it. She looks spy-ey.

  12. I like #2 because she would more closely fit with the fashion of the time period especially for a secretary or unofficial espionage agent. Mystery but also blends. #1 is my second choice but her dress seems a little risque for an average secretary of the 30’s 40’s. You got it though for mysterious but would she stand out or blend in for unofficial espionage or as a secretary. Believe me secretaries are supposed to blend in unless you are thinking modern day eye candy.

  13. I like #1 because she looks more like someone from the 1930’s would look and she is mysterious.

  14. #1 mainly because #2 looks too sad to be that compelling, otherwise it would be #2

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