Need Comments for Another Cover Model or Four! #1 — 11 Comments

  1. I like #2. Those eyes! She does remind me of a friend of mine.

  2. Model #2 definitely grabbed my attention. She is the whole package! Her eyes, makeup, pearls, hat, gloves and the feathers….. all create a stunning and alluring picture of a woman who has a story to tell!

  3. Number 1 is glamorous and sexy, maybe too much if she’s a quiet person. Number 2 is wonderful and fits that era IMHO.

  4. Something in the eyes of #2 draws you in…can’t pin point it.

  5. Hands down, Model #2! Her make-up, hat, pearls, gloves, the feathers…..she’s the whole package! And her eyes really draw you to her. She would be a GREAT cover model for your book, Lyn!!!

  6. All the models are good representations of how women in the 1920’s would dress, but I like #2 the best. Her makeup makes her look more like that era.

  7. I like #2. Her makeup and features remind me of the silent film stars of that time, like Mary Pickford.

  8. Choice 1 because of the dream look on the model’s face, The clothes show what a 20’s flapper looked like. All three are good representations of the 1920’s but choice #1 draws me in and would make me pick up the book.

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