Need Comments for Another Cover Model or Four! #1

I have another newer historical series coming out this fall. Yippee!

And of course, I need help choosing the most evocative model for each cover.

“The Carlyle Women” is a family saga of four generations in one family from the start to near the end of the 20th century. Each heroine and hence each model will reflect the period that she lives in. They are: 1920’s, 1930-40’s, 1960-80’s and 1990.

As usual I’ve done the spade work and have a choice of 3 or so for each. Please vote here on my blog or Facebook page. As usual each cover will reward one commenter with a $10 amazon gift card in four random drawings one for each–such a deal!!

Cover model 1

beautiful brunette retro flapper woman elegant studio portrait-CHOICE # 1






PLEASE SHARE YOUR CHOICE AND REASONS and maybe you’ll win a gift card!–Lyn Cote


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Lyn Cote welcomes other authors to her "Strong Women, Brave Stories" blog to share stories of women who triumph over the challenges common to all women.
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11 Responses to Need Comments for Another Cover Model or Four! #1

  1. Paula Shreckhise says:

    I like #2. Those eyes! She does remind me of a friend of mine.

  2. Trixi says:

    I really like model #2, she looks like a classic 1920’s girl.

  3. Alison Boss says:

    Model #2 definitely grabbed my attention. She is the whole package! Her eyes, makeup, pearls, hat, gloves and the feathers….. all create a stunning and alluring picture of a woman who has a story to tell!

  4. Glenda Fowlow says:

    Number 1 is glamorous and sexy, maybe too much if she’s a quiet person. Number 2 is wonderful and fits that era IMHO.

  5. Natalya Lakhno says:

    Something in the eyes of #2 draws you in…can’t pin point it.

  6. Alison Boss says:

    Hands down, Model #2! Her make-up, hat, pearls, gloves, the feathers…..she’s the whole package! And her eyes really draw you to her. She would be a GREAT cover model for your book, Lyn!!!

  7. Karen Semones says:

    All the models are good representations of how women in the 1920’s would dress, but I like #2 the best. Her makeup makes her look more like that era.

  8. Bonnie Oswald says:

    #2 her eyes are very compelling

  9. Amy Donahue says:

    I like #2. Her makeup and features remind me of the silent film stars of that time, like Mary Pickford.

  10. Melinda M says:

    Choice 1 because of the dream look on the model’s face, The clothes show what a 20’s flapper looked like. All three are good representations of the 1920’s but choice #1 draws me in and would make me pick up the book.

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