Lyn Asks for Help Choosing a Cover Model or 2 — 41 Comments

  1. Male model #2 because he looks more like a regular guy, a bit older

    Model :1 because she is the prettiest

  2. I prefer 1 for the men, love the bad boy look.
    I like 1 for the woman, she looks so in need of a friend.

  3. My Choice for “Journey to Peace” is Model #3. I can Feel him looking back into his Past to what has brought him on this “Journey”. Your readers should also feel it.
    My Choice for “Fatal Winter” is Model #2. I think the picture places her in a cold place and she is trying to bring some warmth to her body.
    I look forward to reading them both. By the way, I am an avid 84 year young, reader. lol

  4. Male Choice:
    I’d pick #3, although I don’t really like any of them. Maybe in different outfits I’d like them more. They’re not bad boy enough for me as is.

    Female Choice:
    I would pick #2. She looks the most real to me. I would be more interested in a cover with her on it than the others. #1 looks too high maintenance and #3 looks a little too haughty for me.

  5. As for the men, i don’t care for any of them. I’m tired of scruffy looking men.

    As for the women, #2 is my choice. There’s depth and secrets in her eyes.

  6. #1 – She looks sad and that she is grieving that I want to more of her story

  7. Hi Lyn,

    Male Model #3, he just looks so interesting like he has a story to tell!

    Female Model #1, she also, looks like she has a story to share!

    Hope you are doing well!


  8. For the male cover, #3 especially if he had blue eyes. I love that combination of dark hair and deep blue eyes, but I haven’t read the forest book in the series you mentioned.

    For the female cover, #2 or #1. The third just seems to smug to me.

  9. FATAL WINTER Model # 2 is the most appealing.
    #1 is ok, just looks too sad.
    #3 is too sarcastic looking.

    My vote goes with Mail model #2 To me he looks like he needs Peace.
    #1 looks too snide and #3 is looking unhappy/sad.

  11. For the male model I old chose number 2 as his eyes say they have a story to tell of his need for a journey to peace.
    For the female it is number 2as well. She has a deep sadness in her eyes that need answers.

  12. I think man #1 looks like someone who is secretive and perhaps a bad boy type.
    Lady #1 looks vulnerable and ready to share her secrets with a friend.

  13. I like Man #1 because he looks contemplative and a thinker. He reminds me of Travis Hamonic a hockey player for the Calgary Flames who also organizes some neat charities. A doer and a giver.

    Woman #2 because she appears hurt but not defenceless. Humble and human.

  14. For Journey to Peace I like #1 because he looks more contemplative.
    For Fatal Winter I like #2 because she looks like she’s protecting herself.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. For the 1st cover male number 3 stands out
    For the 2nd cover female number 2 stands out

  16. #1 I choose Male model #3…he looks like he has it together and knows what peace is all about and can share that knowledge
    #2 I choose Female model #2…she looks like she needs someone to help/rescue her and is worthy of that help

  17. Male: #3 the quizzical expression

    Female: #2 the concerned expression

  18. I don’t know if it’s the choice of clothes for the model, but #3 male looks more vulnerable and open in wearing a sweater, #2 is too model perfect #1 looks like he’s got an agenda.

    For the females, #1 looks high maintenance, #3 looks like she has an agenda, #2 looks like she needs and wants help, but what’s up with the “deposit” necklace?

  19. Man#2 …as he’s looking directly at viewer
    Woman #2 looking in direction of viewer yet can tell she is distant/troubled by something

  20. For the Man, I would choose #3
    For the Woman #2 I don’t like the bright lipcolor on #1 and #3 I don’t like her jawline. Maybe it is super enhanced with contouring but it looks unnatural.

  21. #2 For the male. He’s more serene & trustworthy
    #2 for the girl. She looks like a lost soul and is scared because something or someone is being dishonest

  22. 2 for the male, his eyes seem sincere.

    1 for the female, I like her open facial expression

  23. Male 3, I like the pensive look.
    Female 2, she looks like she is processing information.

  24. #1 for Male because he looks more conflicted which fits with looking for peace.

    #2 Female because, without the excess makeup, she looks like she could be in the middle of the mystery, instead of posing.

  25. Male – #2 – He is handsome in a rugged way. But looking in his eyes, I see that he could be looking for peace in his life.
    Female – #1 – She looks like she is trying to hold things together and look normal on the outside. But when I look in her eyes I see that she has hurt and maybe secrets.

  26. For the male I would choose #2 .. I think he looks like he could be sexy,mysterious and vulnerable all at the same time ..for the female I pick #1..she looks like she could be strong,devious,and cunning !

  27. Male model #1 or #3, #1 looks like he has secrets or is somewhat of a bad boy, however #3 is more vulnerable looking.
    For the female, I like #1 as she looks tough and strong like she could handle anything that life throws at her.

  28. For the brothers, I’d vote for model #2. But I have your book on my TBR list so I’m not familiar with the character. For the second book, I’d go with model #2 again. I think she looks more vulnerable, with some fear and some underlying strength mixed in.

  29. Male choice either #1 or #3. Number 2 is dressed up too much unless you are working on a billionaire book. Number 1 is looking out of the corner of his eyes a bit rakishly and #3 looks like he might be the boy next door.

    Female choice #3 or #2. I don’t like the lipstick on #1 – too bright. #2 looks like she’s pondering what her next move or decision should be. #3 is very pretty and could be the lovely girl next door.

  30. Of the guys I’d vote #3. The first one has a bit of a bad boy vibe and the second looks … well, like he’d fit better on an Amish story if he changed clothes. 😉

    For the ladies I would choose #2. The other two ladies are pretty also, but #2 has a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” vibe the other two don’t have. It would make an interesting story to see what would make a woman like that depend more on the Lord and less on herself.

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