Hope you are all safe and well

My husband and I are safe at home in Wisconsin. And I hope you are keeping safe too. I came across this series of videos focusing on prayer during the week preparing for Good Friday and Easter. I hope they will lift your spirit in this time of stress–God bless you and your loved ones and our nation.–Lyn



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Lyn Cote welcomes other authors to her "Strong Women, Brave Stories" blog to share stories of women who triumph over the challenges common to all women.
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6 Responses to Hope you are all safe and well

  1. Trudy Johnson says:

    My maiden name was Cote and I can’t help but wonder if I am distantly related to your husband since Cote is not a common last name. I grew up on a farm in the southeast corner of South Dakota near Sioux City, Iowa.

    • Lyn Cote says:

      HI Trudy, Cote isn’t a common name in the Midwest but is common in eastern Canada and New England. Jean Cote was a French fur trapper that arrived in Quebec in the 1600’s. He was evidently a prolific father and his progeny were too!

  2. Sharon Janhonen says:

    This is wonderful. I’m going to scare this if it’s okay.

  3. Lorice says:

    This is so nice. Thank you.