Need Feedback on Another Cover Model for New Book

Hi I need feedback so I can choose another cover model for a new book. I hope to have 4 new books out this year–a new 3 book romantic suspense series and another historical novel. So let’s get started. Please view the 3 models below and tell me which on evokes a response in you–a positive one of course.

My heroine is a young single mom–the kind of young woman you’d like to have as a neighbor so you could “mother her.” But she’s starting a new business, a coffee and sweets shop, in a tourist town so she’s not a “needy” heroine. I will choose a few commenters to give free ebooks to so leave a comment. I really need to know your reactions.

Here’s #1


Here’s #2


Here’s #3

So leave a comment–which one do you think I should use? THANKS IN ADVANCE!–Lyn


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142 Responses to Need Feedback on Another Cover Model for New Book

  1. shirley says:

    definitely #1. sweet, gentle, girl-next-door makes you want to protect and mother her. however, the determined glint in her eyes hints at her toughness; ready to do whatever necessary to provide and raise her child well. #2 looks overly strong and capable and may not welcome any mothering. I would rank #1, #3 then #2.

  2. Anne Gooch says:

    #1, she looks like the girl next door type and whom needs a woman to guide her.

  3. I like the first one best. She fits the description more than the other two.

  4. Linda Paul says:

    I like # 3. She looks perfect from the description you gave.

  5. Carol E. says:

    # 1 is looks like your description of young woman you would like to mother and support. #’s 2 and 3 look older than your description and too unfriendly to mother.

  6. Rebecca lynn gould says:

    I like #2

  7. April Morin says:

    I think #1 is too young. I really like the attitude #2 has for your book.

  8. Kathleen Eastlund says:

    What I meant to say is I also vote for #2 🙂 She looks the most like she could have kids the others look too young

  9. Kathleen Eastlund says:

    I also vote for #2 😉

  10. Jamie Gillespie says:

    I think #3. She looks young, but very determined. She just looks like she would work hard to make her new business work no matter what.

  11. Barbara Thompson says:

    I like #2. She has the young look of being a mother, but she also gives this attitude of I can open this shop and make it successfully. She looks neighborly and could be the best neighbor you ever had, but the hair style shows a part of danger. My opinion the face, look, hair style and overall charisma gives everything.

  12. Constance J Dunn says:

    I like #2. She looks like she’s got something special behind those eyes. Like – there’s a mystery here and I can’t let you in on it just yet.

  13. Angie Middleton says:

    I already answered, but forgot to say #1 looks way too young and innocent; #3 looks strongest; but #2 seems to have the right balance of strength and vulnerability.

  14. Angie Middleton says:

    I like the 2nd model best. First looks way too young.

    P.S. I don’t read e-books, so don’t choose me. 🙂

  15. Melanie Aulson says:


  16. Teresa says:

    I vote for #1. She looks fun with an air of confidence.

  17. Lois A Beckler says:

    I like 3. I think #1 looks as if she really is not mature enough yet. Although we all know that things like that happen all the time. #2 looks like she doesn’t have enough sense. And #3 looks like she would serious enough to be able to handle all that situation. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Peggy Green says:

    I really like all three, but I choose #2 because there is just something about her that says gentle, winsome, but strong.

  19. Ruth Evens says:

    I like #3. She strikes me as someone determined to survive the situation she is in.

  20. Beth Fiscus says:

    #1 would be my choice.

  21. Kim Trask says:

    I keep going back to #1. At first I thought she might be too young. But now I am thinking she is perfect for the description you gave in your newsletter. A little sad, a single mom, trying to find her way. Gentle. I’m a little jealous of her coffee shop that she has started, because I would love to have one! 🙂

  22. Stephanie H. says:

    I like model #3 the best.

  23. Heather H says:


  24. Karen VanAntwerpen says:

    I like #1. She looks the most like a down to earth working Mom.

  25. Paula Shreckhise says:

    I like #3. She looks more mature. Old enough to handle a child and a business.

  26. Regina M says:

    Hi Lyn! I like #3. She looks down to earth. I thought #1 looked a little too young but I’m old ??

  27. Beverly Clites says:

    I like #2 the best. She seems reflective, deep in thought.

  28. Dee Vandorn says:

    Nr 1! Sweet next door girl you can relate to ?

  29. KAREN YODER says:

    #1. She looks like she would be willing to pull her hair back & get to work in the kitchen.

  30. Cherie J. says:

    I pick #1. I think she fits your description best.

  31. Janiece Nelson says:

    I like #3. She looks confident as a single mom should and also sweet.

  32. Lisa K. says:

    I’d go for #1.

  33. Tabitha says:

    #1 is my favorite.

  34. Martha Troxel says:

    I think #1 fits your description the best. She looks young, but confident.

  35. Jodi says:

    I vote for number 1. She looks down to earth.

  36. Rae Ricca says:


  37. Lisa Stillman says:


  38. Bonita Skiba says:

    I like #1. She looks friendly, and like a neighbor I had many years ago.

  39. Jann Forrest says:

    I like #1 the best. She looks very vulnerable.

  40. Lisa Sachs says:

    I think I like #2 the best. She looks the most wistful and thoughtful.

  41. Irene says:

    I like #3 in that she looks confident, but if you need a sweet and more vulnerable heroine, I would pick #1. She looks like she needs more mothering. I like the concept and the potential titles for the new series.

  42. Theresa Woodworth says:

    #1, she looks like she is a sweet girl next door. She draws you in to help her.

  43. alice boni says:

    Hi Lyn, I like #1. She looks so sweet and nice but also looks like she will always face things and reach her goal.

  44. nancy stokell says:

    I like #3 the best.

  45. Hazel Miller says:

    I like #1. She looks like a sweet, innocent young woman who would make every effort to care for her child. She looks like someone you would want for a neighbor. I think she would bring out the mothering instinct in her female neighbors. You would want to help her store to succeed.

  46. Margaret M Cekis says:

    I also vote for #3. The other two are winsome, but don’t look old enough to be raising a daughter.

  47. Ola Norman says:

    I like #3 best.

  48. Joy Shelden says:

    I already want to be friends with #1!

  49. Ruby Dykstra says:

    #1. She looks so sweet but yet very capable of running her own business ..

  50. Kim says:

    My vote is #3. She looks friendly, sweet, and like the typical girl-next-door while still appearing competent and responsible. Side note- I find it fascinating that so many people can look at the same pictures and see so many different things. Pretty cool.

  51. Cindy L Ducharme says:

    I choose number 3 too. Only because you said she was someone you would like as a neighbor. She has a nice smile. Number 1 looks like she has a few problems and looks a little sad to me. And sorry, but number 2 looks kind of flighty.
    I hope you choose 3. Can’t wait to read your book.

  52. Amelia says:

    Definitely #1 for me!
    #2 looks too young and #3 looks too put together.

  53. Pam K. says:

    I like #1 best. Sometimes you just know without being able to explain!

  54. Vicki says:

    I like #3 she looks mature enough to take on the challenge and young enough to be a mom, the others look so young I just don’t picture them as moms. I don’t know did we look that young when our children were little?

  55. Kirsti says:

    I like #1 best. #3 looks a little too sexy. #2 looks artsy. Sorry if I am stereotyping. She looks capable, but with a touch of vulnerability.

  56. #2 – she looks like she’s considering what else can be done to accomplish the task she has set out to do in taking care of her daughter

  57. Shari says:

    I like number 1 best. She looks young and gentle yet with a strong core. Ready for what life brings her way. Not #2 she doesn’t look sure of herself or #3, she looks a little too old for a vulnerable young mother

  58. Cindy Kindall says:

    Three is my choice

  59. Onalee Kliebert says:

    Personally I like #1. She has the girl next door look, down to earth and someone is sit down to a cup of coffee with.

  60. Peggy Wegermann says:

    My pick is #1. She looks like a young mom I would love to have move next door, lol! She shows a strength inside while still looking sweet and capable.

  61. Sherrie Wood says:

    #3 is more realistic for a cover.

  62. Rosemarie Andreano says:

    I like #3. She looks sweet and intelligent. No. 1 looks too young and innocent. Both 1 and 2 look like they have very little life experience.

  63. Cilla says:

    I like #1 – pensive, thoughtful, shy but capable – someone you would like to get to know. Hate #2 looks like she is off with the fairies and anything but capable of running her own business, #3 looks a bit full of herself

  64. Trudy says:

    I like #1, as she seems to be questioning. Whether she’s questioning herself, the male character, or God, she looks a little more vulnerable. I guess it depends on what you want the cover to convey!

  65. Debra Pruss says:

    I think #1 would be your best choice.

  66. Linda Calderone says:

    I like #1. She seems like she would be a perfect friend next door. #2 and #3 seem too glam and like models to me

  67. Nancy says:

    #1 doesn’t do anything for me. #2 looks too young. My pick is #3.

  68. I would say #3 she looks more like a strong women that could handle her own. But still sweet, that would want to have a mother kind of person to go to and ask advise to. Or a grandmother type who would help her with her child.

  69. Susie F says:

    I liked the third one, as she has a sweet but independent look about her.

  70. Andi Scully says:

    I like #1 the best for the character you describe. She looks more “girl-next-door” than the others, who both have a more glamorous look.

  71. Georgia Bell says:

    I like #1 – she looks sweet and innocent but still confident enough to be a single mom starting a business.

  72. Kathryn says:

    #1 grabbed my attention!

  73. Faith Simpson says:

    I would choose number one…..there is something about her eyes that tells me her life isn’t easy, but she is determined.
    I like the summer, winter, spring etc format…..but the word DANGEROUS turns me off….however, I don’t have a suggestion for something else.

  74. Laura Arvold says:

    I like #3 the best. She seems more “real@ to me.

  75. Margie Mijares says:

    I am going with # 3…I just like her look and think she looks capable of caring for her child and venturing into her own business!! I also wanted to say that I like your idea for the book titles!!

  76. Linda Dreher says:

    I like #2, she caught my eye. She seems to motherly, strong but a little vulnerable.

  77. Ruth says:

    #1 has my vote!

  78. Shirl Halverson says:

    1 is my choice as 2 seems too carefree and 3 seems to have it all together.

  79. Maritza Fleming says:


  80. Kara says:

    #2.. As soon as I saw her, she looked like someone I would like to get to know. She seems to be considering new ideas for her business. She just has that wholesome and kind look to her.

  81. Tina Rice says:

    I like #1, she looks like a sweet, innocent and caring young mother. She would be perfect for the character.

    #2 seems too young for the character and #3 seems too old and glamorous for the character.
    Blessings, Tina

  82. I like #3 she like she has the drive to run a shop and be a single mom , but doesnt look jaded

  83. Nadine Woods says:


  84. Phyllis Bullock says:

    #1. She look innocent and trustworthy but like she has grit.

  85. Nancy Fudge says:

    #1 gives me the feeling of being maternal and also able to fend for herself or at least wants to. Looking forward to reading the new series.

  86. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    2: looks confident and capable.

  87. Nancy Collins says:

    Number one, she has the sweet next door neighbor look. But with a get it done look in her eyes too.

  88. Jan Castle says:

    Hands down = #1!!!! Numbers 2 & 3 are a little too much like models in my opinion.

  89. Colleen C. says:

    I like them all, but I am thinking my vote will go to #1… she stands out for me.

  90. Jane Sprando says:

    I am torn between 1 and 3. #1 looks like attitude —- don’t mess with me! I like her! #3 looks sweet, but maybe hiding a feisty side.

  91. Laura says:

    #3 she looks more girl next door, strong but loyal, loving

  92. Mary Vestal says:

    #1 is my pick. She looks sweet but also like she could use a boost of encouragement in her goals. #3 looks like she already has it all together.

  93. Glenda Fowlow says:

    #1 is my favourite because she looks sweet with a side of sassy confidence. She’s down to earth and hard working and fun. You want her to start her own business to support her daughter? Challenge accepted.

    #3 gives me vibes of over confident and proud. She’s not looking to be mentored by anyone, thank you very much. Her eyes tell me she’s too independent.

  94. Audra says:

    looks the most like the woman you described as your lead character…
    sweet, wholesome, and not terribly worldly in appearance or experience.
    and someone with the drive to survive as a single mom.

  95. Karen says:

    It seems as if everyone likes 1 or 3, but I like no. 2 the best. I feel she looks winsome and innocent.

  96. Mary Lou Kleveland says:

    I like #2. Something about her looks makes me think she is a bit of a dreamer but is also ready to make her dreams a reality with her new coffee and pizza business. She looks ready to take on the challenges of life!

  97. Sheila Bonusi says:

    I am torn between #1 and #3. I do think #3 seems to look more confident and take charge.

  98. Rebekah Miller says:

    I like #1 best. I feel she really fits the character description. She is the girl next door type with her big honest eyes. I see kindness, humility, courage, and a huge heart for others, especially her daughter. She looks more genuine to me than the other models.

  99. Kim Hulett says:

    #1 looks like a good fit to your description.

  100. Karen Semones says:

    I like Model #3. She looks confident enough to raise a child alone and still be able to tin her own business.

  101. Sandy Parmenter says:

    # 3 she looks like she is sure of herself. Knows what she needs and going to get it and pretty

  102. Sandy Duke says:

    #1 really DOES look like a neighbor. She also looks approachable and friendly. I could easily see myself quickly striking up conversation and developing a friendship with her.

  103. Waruguru Muriuki says:

    I like #1, her face draws me in as a believable mom

  104. Misty G says:

    I think #1 looks perfect for the part. To me the other two don’t look quite as “motherly”. Number one also looks very sweet, as you described her character to be. Thanks!!

  105. Glenna Guntrum says:

    I like #1 the best
    She looks like she would be a good friend and neighbor.

  106. Marcheta says:

    It’s a toss up between #1and #3 but there’s something in the eyes of #1 that intrigues me. I would love to have someone like her for a neighbor to be a mentor to her

  107. Cynthia Brooks says:

    I like #3.

  108. Penny Eichstadt says:

    I actually think the titles might be better served with a scenic view. It is so gorgeous up there. I do feel more drawn to model number one, though.

  109. Judy says:

    #1. She’s no innocent, but she has the look of having it all together to put you off. She’s a fantastic baker, but she has issues she doesn’t want people to know about.

  110. Elizabeth Jackson says:

    I think #1 looks like the ‘winsome’ and sweet person for the book cover. I could see reading her story and rooting for her to be successful.

  111. Marie says:

    Number 2 looks like she would’ve perfect for this book! I cannot wait to read your new series!!

  112. Priscila Perales says:

    I think #3 fits best the description you gave in the beginning (young and sweet, but confident enough to open her own business).

  113. Kelly Creek says:

    I choose #1. She has the definite “girl next door” look. She appears to be someone you would want to help whenever possible. She is also the only one that looks like mom material.

  114. Dawn I. says:

    I like #1 and #3 as both look sweet, secure and confident. I lean toward #1 a bit, as she looks quite innocent, yet determined. Looking forward to this new series! ?

  115. Karlene says:

    #3 looks like a young and intelligent businesswoman; the other too look a little bit too young!

  116. Roberta Bensenhaver says:

    I like model #3. She looks like she can handle running a business and taking care of her child.
    She does not look needy. I would buy the book.

  117. Ellen Markley says:

    I like #1 the best.

  118. Leigh says:

    I like #1. She looks like an innocent young mother that you would love to have as a neighbor next door, mentor her in business and bonus bucks you get to spend time with the cutest little one. Maybe fill a nook or cranny of need of your own with time spent with them both. Her youthful innocence draws you to her and you find she has the ‘inner gumption ie stuff’ to make a go of working from home to be closer to her child and support them both. I bet you even have a recipe or two for sweets to share with her.

  119. Cyndi Wannamaker says:

    I think they are beautiful, but there is something about #3 that just pulls you in. I think #1 would be a close 2nd and I did think her until I saw #3. #2 looks to be not quite old enough yet to have a daughter as well as to be running a business.

  120. For me its a toss up between one and three. But I think #3 looks a little more confident. Thanks for allowing us to help!!

  121. Juli Hall says:

    I like #3, she fits your description best. Plus she looks like a mom, the others don’t

  122. Jacque McGillicuddy says:

    Hard choice but #1 hit me the moment I saw it…young, innocent but determined. Like life was easy then hard and now it’s up to her to get things back on track.

  123. Cindy Rosinski says:

    #1 – looks like someone I’d like to be friends with. She has a fresh, honest look. Also, if the heroine has blue eyes, hers are beautiful!

  124. Anita Vogt says:

    #1. She fits the model you’re looking for. She’s determined, & wants a good life for her & her daughter.

  125. Teresa Malouf says:

    I think 1 covers everything. She looks sweet with a little mystery to her. If this is a suspense novel, a little mystery is good.

  126. carol wilbur says:

    I like #3 because she looks very confident to run her own business and ready to face what ever problems may come at her!!!

  127. Cassandra Myers says:

    #3 I beautiful but also looks sweet and confident without being stuck up.

  128. Sandy says:

    I like #1 She looks young enough to be a newer single Mom but not too young to start a business. #3 to me just looks too polished and prim… I think she has been around the business world and wouldn’t have issues at all.

  129. Melinda M says:

    I like three as she looks confident enough to start a business but youn enough for a mentor

  130. Dee Vandorn says:

    I like number 1, she has something of motherhood in her face ? The other ones look to much like models, in my eyes

  131. Mary Fouraker says:

    It is a hard choice between #1 and #3, but I think #3 comes closest to fitting your description. She comes across as young and sweet enough to perhaps enjoy having a mother-like mentor, but confident enough to be able to start a successful new business.

  132. Shelia Hall says:

    I like #1 because she looks so innocent

  133. Jennifer Hibdon says:

    I like #3. She looks confident and stable and determined; ready to take on the world!

    • Kathy Martin says:

      I like picture #1. Her face is sweet and interesting. She could be a little shy, but she looks willing to flirt and be fun.

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