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  1. I love to stuff dates with coconut flakes and pecans for a quick and easy treat! 🙂

  2. I love pancakes! As a Canadian, I believe it’s my patriotic duty to eat them with TONS of maple syrup as often as possible. ^_^

  3. Hope you love the book when you get a chance to read it! Those breakfast options sound great too. Listening to when your body wants to eat and doing that later in the morning also sounds wise!

  4. Those all sound delicious! I have a great peanut butter chocolate banana smoothie I love for breakfast sometimes too.

  5. What’s your favorite kind? I love muesli! The more nuts the better!

  6. Thanks, Deana! I totally get that. Hopefully you like the recipe and find it a good way to get a tasty meal in! ^_^

  7. Thanks for the great interview. I don’t usually eat breakfast. I am kinda bad about stopping to eat during the day..I really like your recipe and interested to try it out. Thanks for the chance to read a new author to me.

    Deana Dick

  8. The book and the recipe sound interesting. I’m always looking for something different to make for breakfast.

  9. I have three different breakfasts I rotate from. One is a smoothie. Another one is a fried egg on a slice of gluten free toast. Then the third one is gluten free toast with peanut butter, banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

  10. I don’t eat breakfast most days. I usually eat much later in the morning. On the rare occasion that I do eat breakfast, it’s usually a bowl of cereal (granola or hot 5 grain cereal with dried cranberries & cinnamon) or Honey Greek yogurt with granola cereal in it. I really try to eat fairly healthy and have changed our diet to healthier cooking.
    Thank you for the recipe (not so sure it’s for me) and book giveaway! LIS books are among my favorite 🙂 This new one sounds good

  11. I eat fruit most of the times — once in awhile I will make eggs or pancakes.

  12. 1 egg omelet if I have time or fruit and a tsp of peanut butter if I’m on th run.

  13. I eat breakfast every day and it varies what I eat. Sometimes eggs, or granola with fresh berries or bagels. Coconut almond milk and some dates.

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