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  1. Hi Erica. As a matter of fact, I have eaten Lefse quite often. I married a Norwegian; he was born in Norway, came here when he was 6 years old. We eat quite a few different Norwegian dishes throughout the year. But Sverre, my hubby, refuses to eat Lutefiske. Hates it. However we eat Pinnskjott…lamb that has been cured in brine, then hung out in cold place [garage] for about 6 weeks to dry and cure, then brought in and the ribs are place on birch sticks placed in the bottom of a large pot, the sticks just covered with water, the pinneskjott laid on top of the sticks and then steamed all day. That is eaten at Christmas. There are many other delicious dishes. Sverre was born in Bergen. We visited some of his extended family a few years ago. Beautiful land.

  2. I’ve never tried lefse. My family is Jewish (Lithuanian, Polish and Russian),so I love matzo ball soup, chopped liver, and lox, bagels and cream cheese. I love trying out foods from other cultures. This sounds like a great book!

  3. My father was stationed in Germany years ago and developed a love for sauerkraut…something he did NOT pass along to his children! 🙂

  4. I love trying new foods. I have a friend who is half Norwegian. She makes Norwegian waffles! When I was stationed in Germany, eating on the “economy” was so much fun!!!!

  5. I’ve never had schnitzel, though you would think, living in this part of the country, I would’ve. We have lots of German families here, my husband’s mother’s included!

    What a blessing that you get to travel with your husband!

  6. I am part Native American, too! My great grandmother was Pawnee from northern Oklahoma!

    I bet your grandfather had wonderful stories! I wish I had been able to meet my great grandmother.

  7. i have not had them but i love taking mashed potatoes that are left over and adding flour to them and frying them till they are crispy. oh so good. will try your recipe. thank you

  8. Our former Pastor had Norwegian ancestry & a family in the church would make it specially for him, when we had potlucks, but I never made it.

    My family has a lot of German in our ancestry & I LOVE German schnitzels, but again, I have never made them either. LOL

    I travel a lot with my hubby & enjoy tasting foods that are native to the country. Last year while in Poland I was blessed to take a class on making pierogies & it was a lot of fun & not very difficult either.

    Congrats on your new release–I think I first met you during Blurb2Book & it’s exciting to see it is now finished & I would love to have the opportunity to read it. Please add me to your drawing.

  9. I have never tried lefse. But I am always open to trying different things from different cultures. I am part Natuve American and I remember when I was younger my grandfather had different breads on the table from his culture. It was fun to listen to stories when he was growing up. I am looking forward to reading His Prairie Sweetheart. Thanks for the awesome recipe and hosting on our site.

  10. I haven’t tried it! I wish my family did have a regional tradition while I was growing up. We do have a special fairy bread (white bread with butter and sprinkles) we do on my daughters birthday. It’s an Austrailain tradition and she is half Australian. Thank you for letting us get to know you and congrats on the book!

  11. I was adopted into a Norwegian family and have lived in Minnesota all my life. I grew up eating my Grandma’s lefse. I have no Norwegian in my blood, but I still consider myself part Norwegian and I love lefse more than many of my relatives. I love to eat it with butter and sugar.

  12. No,have never tried lefse,but it sounds good. Thanks for the recipe! I also want to say thanks for the book giveaway! His Prairie Sweetheart Sounds great and am really looking forward to reading it!

  13. What a fun way to try new foods! I am not a super-confident cook…I like baking much better, so a monthly luncheon to try new food cooked by people who know what they are doing would be ideal for me. 🙂

  14. I’m curious as to what spices went into “Rice and Spices.” My husband loves white rice with a little sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. I like rice with soy sauce and onion. 🙂

  15. Oh, my motto is “Nothing from the sea.” I can’t eat any seafood at all! I do love watching Cajun cooking shows though. 🙂

  16. Hi, Diane! I like the fruit-filled Pirogies better than the savory ones. How wonderful that you have such delightful memories of your grandmother.

  17. No, I have never tried Lefse but after reading the recipe and instructions I’m sure I would like it. I’m Polish and our go to recipe is Pirogies that can be filled with fruit (apple, apricot and prune) for breakfast or as a dessert, as well as those filled with potato, potato/cheese and sauerkraut for lunch or dinner. My Polish grandmother made the dough circles and then filled them before folding and crimping the edges and then lightly fried them and topped with sour cream with a pinch of sugar added. These days we are fortunate to be able to purchase handmade, authentic pirogies that are made by Polish companies in the same manner my grandmother used, but all the work is done for us! It was nice to meet you Erica, and thank you for the opportunity to win your new book, and congratulations on your success.

  18. No, I’ve never tried Lefse. My family is Cajun, from deep into Louisiana. I love anything seafood, although I can’t cook any of it. When my mom makes seafood gumbo, she always saves me some to bring home. 🙂

  19. No, I have never tried lefse. I enjoy trying recipes from other nationalities though. It’s fun and my children and I have fun trying new recipes together. Just last week we made a rice and spices recipe. It was delightful. Thank you for the new recipe. I look forward to trying it. Congratulations on your LIH contract. Love Inspired are among my favorite books and it’s great to have you join the other wonderful authors. I look forward to reading His Prairie Sweetheart.!

  20. Yes, I work with people from many different countries and we have a monthly luncheon. It is always so fun to try a new and different recipe and I am happy to get this recipe!

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