Amish Author Katheen Fuller & The Way to Hope — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you for giving me a chance to win this book, i enjoy reading amish books. It is awful to say but it seams like, you have to have hard times before you turn to God, so you then have the hope that He will help you, when you should be reading his word and in prayer daily. But our human nature we just don’t do that. Again thank you. Norma Stanforth

  2. Adversity helps us to appreciate Hope when we find it. It also helps us to be able to help someone else. They are more acceptable when a person has also had these problems to deal with. I would love to win your book Kathleen. Thanks. Maxie ( )

  3. If we didn’t have adversity,we wouldn’t need hope.Through the adversity is where we learn to have faith and hope.I know suffering can make us stronger and at times we may not feel it,but in the end we look back and realize just how strong it made us.Thanks for the interview.I love Kathleen’s books.

  4. I think we always have to have hope and faith in God no matter what. When we suffer we learn to be stronger from it so life can go on and we can make the best of it. Its seems that those that suffer appreciate what they have .

  5. Without adversity and suffering and struggles, I don’t think we would really appreciate all of our “real” blessings. The adversity makes you realize how lucky you really are. Always remember to count your blessings!

  6. Trouble makes us look to God for help. It is so wonderful that we can rely on Him to see us through difficult times!!
    I am so thankful for His presence in my life!! I couldn’t make it without Him!!!

  7. We all suffer adversity, hope is the only way to put one foot in front of the
    Other,……..some days!

  8. I’m a fan of Kathleen Fuller’s & I’ve just read FAITHFUL TO LAURA. Its a terrific book & I read it in a day and a half while doing things with family. Love your books Kathleen and so glad I heard about your books. Have read almost all of them now. Started reading your books in 2010. Have wonderful day & God bless you.

  9. Its sad to say but sometimes bad things happen and we are stronger and wiser for what we have went through and it makes us more humble and thankful for all the blessings that God had given us

  10. Hello Lyn and Kathleen,
    this is a heavy issue today, Adversity and Hope..
    well seems to me you need things happening in your life good and bad to be able to Hope for better to come in the bad and Hope to share when things are good. Hoping others will see you making effort to do the right things.
    I am looking forward to reading this book Kathleen, I have read some of your amish stories before.
    Paula O(

  11. As humans, we tend to feel “we can do it ourselves….” We may feel like we don’t want to bother God with our problems or just think we should be able to handle it… when adversity really hits hard, it humbles us, it brings us down to earth, to a level where we are ready to admit & accept that God will help us…that HE is awesome and it’s not a burden to HIM to help us through our trials…..and that HE will pass on HIS strength and peace through it all!

  12. Thanks for sharing your stories–unfortunately adversity and suffering is universal. I think all of us have asked the question Cheryl posed: “Why me?” When that question pops into my head, I try to flip it around and ask “Why not me?” That doesn’t necessarily provide comfort, but it does put things into perspective. Thank you for your comments and for encouraging me today! 🙂

  13. I had such a low time in my life that I couldn’t get any lower. I realized I need to have hope and faith in God and I have been on my up ever since.
    Thanks for a great interview!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  14. Without adversity there would be no reason for hope. If we had no hard times or disappointments in life we wouldn’t miss that particular need to “hope.” With adverse times in our lives we seek God’s blessings, and it is our “hope” that brings us to our knees to ask for God’s help.

  15. I believe that human beings cannot live without “hope” and it seems to me that in adversity there is no where else to go except “hope” in our faith, emotions and dreams. There can be strength coming from adversity but it doesn’t fit our “time frame.” That is when faith in God’s promises should be rehearsed and rehearsed.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter. I love Kathleen’s books but don’t think I have read this one. “Hope” I win! 😀

  16. Without adversity we would have nothing to hope or look forward to. Adversity helps us grow and strengthens us!

  17. I think as humans we may not pay attention to what will carry us through tough situations in our lives. We have to always try to have hope to carry us through. Thank you for a chance to win.

  18. Suffering has a way of making people open their eyes and realize what God has in store for them. It may not be what they think that they need but he knows better than we do what is needed in our lives!
    Back in 2003 I was expecting and when we went in for the ultra sound we knew something was terribly wrong. They doctor came in and gave us the news that our baby had Trisomy 18 Edward’s syndrome. I under went an amnio immedately, started seeing a counselor. She lined up dr’s appt’s for me. I under went testing only to discover that I was suffering from medical problems. I was given strong odds that I wouldn’t survive the pregnancy. We had to make a decision with us already having three boys at home and my husband didn’t want to raise them alone. We made the decision to have my labor induced at 21 weeks. We said our goodbye’s to our precious baby girl Elizabeth Rose. I fought a strong battle with depression for over a year after this happened. I was so angry at God for alllowing this to happen. Why me?

  19. When I was battling breast cancer it was Faith that carried me through. Through my Faith that brought me the Hope that I needed. If there was no adversity in our life there wouldn’t be a reason to have hope. If every day life ran smoothly we wouldn’t even dwell on the word hope. For all Believers in Christ we have the Hope of our Lord and Savior’s return. We have the Hope of going to Heaven when we breathe our last breath. I love HOPE!

    I am a fan of Kathleen’s Amish fiction books. I have the hope that I will win a copy! 🙂


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