Author Abby Gaines & The Inspiration for her The Earl’s Mistaken Bride & Book Giveaway — 12 Comments

  1. A couple of people emailed me to say they can’t find The Earl’s Mistaken Bride on Kindle. I can’t, either, but my editor assures me it’s there she sent me a link:

    No idea why this doesn’t show up when some people search for it!

    Paula, I suspect you are right re Jacob learning to love Leah. Life would be very difficult if you couldn’t do that and had to live with someone!

  2. I am late getting here but just found this on goodreads and came over to read your excerpt. I think that it is great you have taken this from the bible and made a story that others will remember when they read it. I think too that you can love more then one person just in different ways and after living with Lean he probably learned to love her too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Paula O

  3. Wendy and Kimberly, yes I’m sure there was an element of Leah doing what her father ordered. Remember, Jacob had already been working there for 7 years, and presumably no one else had asked to marry Leah during that time. She was pretty much an old maid and would have been glad of the chance to have children, I imagine, whether she loved Jacob or not.

  4. I think that Leah either loved Jacob before he was tricked into marrying her, or she did what her father told her to. Women didn’t have any rights back then. Can’t wait to read this book. 🙂

  5. I think Leah married Jacob because her Father told her to and that is how they did things in that time period. I also think Jacob really loved Rachel but learned to love Leah and was buried beside her because she was his first wife.

    Can’t wait to get a copy of this book.

  6. Nancy, I didn’t remember that about Jacob being buried next to Leah. Interesting.

    Janet, so true that not much changes. Of course, we know that Jacob went on to prefer Rachel’s kids to Leah’s and that cause a whole lot of trouble…just as it does today. You’d think we’d learn, wouldn’t you?!

    Jenny, Leah does take a bit of a back seat to the grand romance of Jacob and Rachel…it must have been really tough for her.

  7. Hi Abby and Lyn,
    I hadn’t thought alot of Leah’s story but it would be hard to know you are not the wanted wife or that you are second best.
    your book sounds interesting and I would love to see how Constance wins Marcus over. It can be annoying when people only look at the outer image but not the inner beauty.

  8. Abby — that is one thing about the Bible. The emotions of the people are the same as ours. Seems like not much changes. Your book sounds great!

  9. What I love about the Leah and Rachel story is that Jacob ends up being buried beside Leah. That makes me think that he truly loved her, even though he’d been tricked into marrying her. Your story sounds very intriguing.


  10. Connie, what’s even odder is the way we especially long for things it seems we can’t have. But I guess people have been like that since forever.

  11. Would love to read the whole story. From the abstract it Makes me wonder wonder why we long for & fight so hard for things (or people)

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