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  1. Marion and Stacy are used for both but to me, they are female names.

  2. It does get confusing sometimes. My hubby had an embarrassing moment with a Terry the other day… He addressed them as a sir, but it turned out to be a woman. Lol

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  3. I am a teacher and over the past few years I have had several female students named Ryan and Hunter.

  4. I could think of “Sasha”, which is used both for Alexander and/or Alexandra.
    Well, I am quite OK with the trend of name suitable for both genders IF the characters are those of real men and women (I mean it is about the character, not about the name). I must say I like tomboy heroines, but I want my heroes being manly 🙂

  5. Deana,
    I do think naming someone is serious business and should be honored. Sometimes I do wonder why parents chose a particular name for their child. We’ve all heard those stories in the news where parents chose a bizarre name for their child — or where a judge denied parents the right to name their child something like “Hitler.”

  6. Names are so important and I really think long and hard over the names of my fictional characters — and the names of my children, too, for that matter. Sometimes male names are feminized in honor of a father or an uncle or a brother.

  7. I think you’re on to something, Liz. I also chose gender-specific names for my kids. Didn’t want my daughter getting a selective service notice!

  8. I’ve noticed girls are given traditionally boys’ names (or nicknames) such as Alex or Sydney or even Michael. But it doesn’t seem like the opposite is true, boys aren’t given traditionally girls’ names. I think parents want their girls to seem strong, maybe? Not sure, since I specifically picked names that were gender-specific for my kids.

  9. The name I think of is Dean. Several actors have that name. That was my mothers middle name. Another one is Terry or more feminine is Terrie. It is interesting that names have evolved which can now be accepted as both feminine or male. As a society we seem to accept things that were strictly assumed to be for males only to now be accepted for females as well. When a parent names their child, they pick that name for a reason. It could be to honor someone or it was a name that God laid on their heart. Whatever name is chosen, I believe it should be accepted whether we consider it to be a male name only or a female name only. A person’s name is their identity and we all want to be accepted. God wants us to accept each other without judgment.

  10. I’ve seen Joseph as a female middle name now and then. And I know a young girl named Ryann, with 2 “n’s”. And a Tristan.

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