Author Eric Wiggins Recalls his Mother’s Depression Era Wedding — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Dot, Wondered if I could find you . Sure enough. think of you and Sissy so often. We had lots of good times(and bad )Hope you and Your family are doing fine, and staying virus free.3 years ago we lost our middle son,Tim. An extension ladder collapsed. landed on the garage floor ,on his head. Gone instantly. was horrid time to get through. Getting now so I can look at his picture. if you have a few minutes tell me about your life. God Bless, Ginny

  2. Thanks, Nancee,
    After-wedding pranks are appreciated only by those who pull them, I guess. When Dot and I married, 50 years ago last June 1, we left our car at her folks’ place and drove her Dad’s new Chevy away from the church. If anyone planned to tie on tin cans, they couldn’t find our car!
    I do love writing about romance and marriage; and I believe that, like my parents’ wedding, weddings should be simple. Christian marriages are to be a reflection of the marriage of Christ and his church (Ephesians 5:21-33; Revelation 19:8-9), where the focus is on the relationship.
    I did once use a prank in a fictional honeymoon. The rustic cottage where the couple spent their first night had no plumbing, except a barrel of cold water on a platform for a shower. The mother of the groom managed to climb up before the wedding and dump an entire bottle of White Shoulders cologne into the water!
    Check out Amazon’s Kindle listing for LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD. It’s free Oct. 30-31, and it includes several chapters of THE RECLUSE. THE RECLUSE should be up on Kindle by Thurs. Oct. 31.
    Eric Wiggin

  3. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Rhonda. Re your elopement, and my parents’ wedding, I know of no statistics that show that big, expensive weddings result in better marriages than simple ones. In the two best-known marriages in the Old Testament Isaac & Rebekah (Gen.24); and Ruth & Boaz, it’s highly doubtful that there was any “wedding” at all, in today’s sense. (The words “and he married Rebekah,” (Gen. 24:67) in some modern translations, were added by the translator, and not in the original.
    I love writing marriages into my stories. My parents had 29 happy years before the Lord took Dad home. Oh, by the way, LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD Is free Oct. 30-31. THE RECLUSE will be out Oct. 31. The girl in the cover illustration of THE RECLUSE is my granddaughter, Alicia; and the Amish lady on the cover of LET THE DEAD is my wife. We’ve been married 50 years, last June 1. My photo in this blog was taken on our anniversary trip to North Carolina.

  4. my baby girl was just married on Ocean Isle Beach on Sept. 28! She was so beautiful and the groom (6’5″ and red hair) was so handsome! Our little ring bearer (My stepgrandson) wanted to be a ninja so Amanda (the bride) bought him a ninja costume and ninja sword as his gift for being in the wedding and he wore it at the reception and laid down for a nap on the pier bench and my oldest daughter (her photographer) got pics of that! sweet!!!
    oh, their dad & I eloped on my sr. prom night and married in Va Tech chapel and then kept it a secret for a year and then announced it with pics of our wedding and a personal note. They (Our family) gave us a reception with wedding cake a week later!! I want to read these books!

  5. What a great story! I love it! This sounds like an author I would thoroughly enjoy. As far as wedding stories go, the only one that comes to mind is when my new husband and I were ready to leave the church reception hall our car was missing. My husband and I had the only sets of keys and were baffled that our car was nowhere in sight! Soon his brother (a policeman) drove up with the car, laughing and hooting at us after hotwiring our car! Thanks for sharing your blog with Eric Wiggin today. I’m going to have to pick up a copy of his books.

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