Author Kimberly Rose Johnson & I Wish Valentine’s Day Didn’t Exist

Kimberly Rose Johnson

My guest today is a new author to me and maybe to you? Kimberly Rose Johnson. Kimberly is offering a copy of her latest book A Valentine for Kayla (US Only) so be sure to leave a comment to be entered into a drawing. Here’s Kimberly:

How much I wish that day didn’t exist

“Last Valentine’s Day I sat down at my computer to write, but I didn’t end up working on what I expected. Instead, all I could think about was that it was another Valentine’s Day and how much I wish that day didn’t exist. As I stared at my computer inspiration struck, and I took off with a new story.

A Valentine for Kayla was born out of my dislike of the day, so of course I had to pass that trait on to my heroine. ?

Expectations that few men can live up to

Kayla Russell owns a flower shop with her best friend. She decided to go into the florist business because she is a romantic at heart and loves flowers, but as far as she is concerned, there is little if anything romantic about a holiday filled with expectations that few men can live up to.

Kayla’s biggest challenge

is one she created. When she was a teenager she came up with a list of qualifications a guy must have in order to be considered husband material. As she grew up, the list changed, but she clung to this list as though it was from God—big mistake.

A Valentine for Kayla

To purchase, click here. A Valentine for Kayla (Heartsong Presents)

Kayla has about given up on love, then a handsome deliveryman walks into the shop and suddenly she must examine what is truly important.”–Kimberly

A florist who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day–now that’s interesting. Remember to leave a comment. QUESTION: What ideas have you had to delete or change in your life?–Lyn

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PS-Jackie Wisherd won my copy of THE DANDELION FIELD. Congrats!



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9 Responses to Author Kimberly Rose Johnson & I Wish Valentine’s Day Didn’t Exist

  1. Lisa Foster says:

    QUESTION: What ideas have you had to delete or change in your life? That family will always be there for you. Unfortunately, I have had to realize that no matter what, you can love your kids but it doesn’t mean they will be there for you as well. I haven’t seen my own grandchildren since last year due to my daughter in law as she doesn’t like me and my son states he has to please his wife and he has to move forward in life with her and he has dropped me from his. It is hard as we were the primary babysitter and we had to quit when he got a fulltime position due to our health and they got upset as they had to hire one for the first time in 10 years.– I will always love my son and my 4 grandchildren and they know that. but I am lucky I have a loving husband now.

    • Kimberly Rose says:

      I’m so sorry, Lisa. I hope and pray things will heal between your daughter-in-law and your son and grandkids will one day be a part of your life again.

  2. Melanie Backus says:

    I would love to read your book, Kimberly! It sounds great and I love the cover!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  3. Sonja says:

    That looks like a fun read! Sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

  4. Elizabeth Dent says:

    Hi Lyn and Kimberly , love the interview . I have read one of Kimberly’s books and I loved it . One thing in my life changed me . I got a divorced and thought my world had ended . I met this man that is now my husband . I am happy which I thought I would never be again . We don’t know at the time why things happen to us , it is a,ways for a reason . This changed my life forever . Thank . I really woukd love to win this book A Valentne for Kayla . Thanks for the chance . Happy .

    • Kimberly Rose says:

      Hi Elizabeth, it’s great to see you hear. I’m glad you got your happily ever after. 🙂

  5. Kimberly Rose says:

    Thanks for having me on your blog, Lyn. 🙂