Author Terri Reed & Does Love Take Courage?

My guest today is Terri Reed, another Love Inspired author, who is offering a book giveaway and is going to share about her latest book and her latest heroine who shows true strength. Here’s Terri:

“Thank you Lyn for having me here today.  I love that your blog focuses on Strong Women, Brave Stories.  Like you I try to make my heroines brave and strong and smart. In my current release my heroine Caroline Tully is all of this and more.  I tried to make her realistic and vulnerable yet courageous.  As an adopted child, she longed to know who her biological parents were.  When she’s given the opportunity to visit her biological, maternal grandfather’s estate she can hardly say no, even after attempts are made on her life.  But she was smart enough to know she needed protection so she hired a professional bodyguard.   During the course of her journey she realized she needed to be brave enough to risk her heart for love, even though she’d had her heart broken in the past.

I think we can all relate to overcoming wounds whether they come from a past love or a parent or some other hurt that feels like it will never heal.  It takes great strength of character, bravery and faith to love others. We can see an example of this in the life of Abigail (1 Samuel 25).  She had every humanly reason to be a bitter, untrusting and broken woman.  Yet she was humble, smart and brave.  And risked her heart to love again.”–Terri

We just discussed focusing on the first fruit of the spirit, LOVE. I hadn’t had time to let Terri know of this new feature but she wrote about love anyway! How about that? Terri also points out that love requires bravery.

Terri is offering a book giveaway the first book in her Protection Specialists series: The Innocent Witness. So you need to leave a comment in order to be entered into the drawing and here’s the question–give an example of a character in a book (Bible included) that showed bravery in offering to love. Terri gave us Abigail. Who do you think of? Or tell us why loving takes courage.”–Lyn

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9 Responses to Author Terri Reed & Does Love Take Courage?

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    I love the story of Ruth…..Naomi, Boaz. Just finished Mine is the Night and loved it! Loving your tour, Terri!

  2. Lynsay says:

    The first person who comes to mind is Esther. Another one would be the heroine in a book I finished yesterday. The heroine fell in love with the hero, but since he was a vampire and he was leaving after he was sure no other vampires would come after her, she knew they could never be together. But, she still told him anyway.

  3. Terri Reed says:

    Christine and Paty, thanks for stopping by.
    Paula, I agree that love others isn’t for the faint of heart. I think that is why God calls us to do so because he knows our nature is to love ourselves instead. Thank for you visiting.

  4. Paula Osborne says:

    Thanks Terri for your wonderful story of Love and bravery, I dont have a particular person but am thinking that today when there are so many divorces and folks not willing to try a little harder in their marriages. It would take a very brave person to be strong enough to commit and let their love show with someone.
    Paula O

  5. Paty Jager says:

    Terri,. I enjoy stories with strong women who do have to find the strength to love.

  6. Christine says:

    Hope you have a great tour.

  7. Terri Reed says:

    Valri, I too love the story of Esther. She was courageous.

    Judy, Mary the mother of Jesus was definitely brave in so many ways. I love the song by Amy Grant called Breath of Heaven. My daughter sang it last year at the Christmas concert.

  8. Judy K says:

    Mary, the Mother of Jesus, comes to my mind immediately. How hard was it to raise her son and then watch him die on a cross? My heart aches thinking of what Mary had to endure!

  9. Valri Western says:

    I’ve always loved the story of Esther and her courage! She is such an example of doing what is right even though the consequences may be difficult! She certainly showed bravery to me! I love Terri’s books! I enjoy her characters so much! They always seem like real people to me and when I get to the end of the book, I am sad to see them go!

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