British Mystery Author Veronica Heley & False Report

This is the third time I’ve had the pleasure of hosting British Mystery Author Veronica Heley. If you missed her first two visits, here are the links to them.

Veronica never fails to share something interesting! And so without further chatter, here’s Veronica:

Strong Women…

I like to dress in positive colours; red, white and blue. Never in black. One of the few colours I know I can wear is lilac, but purple is beyond me.

In the old days purple was a colour reserved for the Imperial family in Rome and no ordinary person could wear it. The reason for this was its scarcity, and the fact that it became more, and not less stable when exposed to sunlight. The dye itself was  derived from a particular shellfish, and the process of extraction and then dying the cloth cost a lot in terms of both time and labour.

And when you’d finally achieved a decent result, you had to sell it. So who did you know who had the contacts and the no-how to sell it on to Rome? Someone well connected, and with a business head on his shoulders? Well connected, yes. Business head, yes. But it was a woman called Lydia who operated this trade in Philippi.

She was a woman who worshipped God on the Sabbath day, and when St Paul arrived in Philippi it wasn’t long before he came across her. He talked. She listened, and she understood that what he said came from God. She and her whole household were baptized, upon which she invited Paul and Silas to stay with her.

The modern heroine of the Bea Abbot stories is an older business woman who runs a successful domestic agency supplying the requirements of the high and mighty. She is a widow – I’ve always thought Lydia must have been a widow because of the freedom she exercised in a man’s world and because she was the head of her household. Bea reads her dead husband’s bible, prays and tries to live as a Christian in many a difficult situation. And although she has a grown up and important son – at least in his own estimation he’s important – she has also taken in a couple of dysfunctional youngsters who might otherwise fall through the cracks of society.

In FALSE REPORT she aims to clear the name of an eccentric little musician who has been falsely accused of murder. The girl concerned is also a victim, having been enticed into this country with a promise of marriage and then trafficked on into prostitution and into playing the temptress in the age-old Badger game. It takes a strong woman to sort that lot out, particularly when the players in the game come close to home.

Long live strong women.”–Veronica

Sounds like another winning mystery from Veronica.

I’m always interested in women in history who defied the conventions of their day and found a way to achieve their goals. Do you have a favorite heroine either in real history or in fictional story that did this? Who and how?

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15 Responses to British Mystery Author Veronica Heley & False Report

  1. StrongWomen says:

    Thanks, Pam!

  2. Pam Williams says:

    I’m glad to know about this author. I love mystery stories so will watch for a chance to read this one. One interesting tidbit about colors… I never thought of black as being a negative color, I had heard it gives a slimming effect, one which I need (or thought I did). But I absolutely DO love bright colors, any and all. Fun post!

  3. Shelley Ring says:

    What a great post, Lyn and Veronica! I also write fictional stories inspired by strong Biblical women, though my books are contemporary in setting. Rahab and Ruth are particular favorites because they overcame so much adversity and learned to put their trust in the living God. I look forward to reading False Report, Veronica! Love a mystery with inspirational characters. 🙂

    • Thank you. That is exactly what I am trying to do, to show Christian women struggling to cope with life as it is today, with all its different pressures. Bea Abbot certainly is a strong woman, but she does know she can’t just rely on herself to solve the problems that come her way. Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy False Report and the other stories in this series.

  4. Susan F. says:

    I am going to have to look for Veronica Heley books now. 🙂 I love the idea of basing a character on a person from the Bible.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I am not copying biblical heroines in my books – there are two series of Christian-based modern crime novels, but they do both try to be Christians in a very unChristian world. The Bea Abbot series is now up to seven and I’m writing another at this moment. She has to struggle sometimes to do the right thing when everything is against her. She is definitely a strong woman in her own right.
      My other series, the Ellie Quicke mysteries, also features a Christian woman in today’s world, but she has to struggle against her daughter’s very unChristian stance all the time.
      I do hope you will enjoy reading about these women.

  5. Cindy Neil says:

    Looking forward to ready False Report by Veronica Heley. Always enjoy historical novels about women – nice to have another one to dig in to. Especially one about a strong woman with biblical values.

    • Thanks for your kind words. But one problem – this particular story is not a historical, but very much up to date and in this world. I have written some historical novels in the past – maybe you can find a copy somewhere on the internet – but this one is definitely set in today’s world. I hope you enjoy it.

  6. virginia metheny says:

    Lyn, this Author sounds good and I’m going to look into it, so glad you brought her to our attention, thank you Lyn for your blog I’ll write and tell you what I thought, thanks again, Virginia

    • Thanks for your kind words. I hope you enjoy reading False Report – and the other stories about Bea Abbot, her domestic agency and her extended family.

  7. False Report sounds like a wonderful book. Am putting it on my to-read list. Looking forward to writing a review after I’m done.

    Love stories about strong women – especially when they are based on historical figures.

    Veronica Heley is an author I shall have delight in discovering!

  8. i requested a Veronica Heley book at the local library because of your post. Thank you. Now, what is the title of the first novel in this series, and do they rely on each other? Thanks, Lynn for your inspiring blog

    • The first title in the Bea Abbot series is – False Charity. My husband gave me the idea for this, to while away the time while he was in hospital.

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