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Hope’s Garden

I know many of you are still on the fence about using ereaders, such as the Kindle and Nook or Ipad to find books. However, one wonderful development is that these ereaders make it possible for my readers to find ALL of my books in one place and purchase and download them with the click of one button. The last of my backlist of titles, Hope’s Garden, is now available again.  Many times I’ve received emails and letters from readers trying to find all my books and not being able to since they had gone OOP-Out of print. Now that can be a worry of the past! Thanks to ereaders. Here’s more about Hope’s Garden, my third Love Inspired romance.


Gage Farrell had answered Cat Simmons’s prayers. She needed a loan to expand her nursery, and he had offered.

Gage eagerly anticipated their new partnership. Eden was the perfect place to reevaluate his materialistic lifestyle and find spiritual healing. But theirs was obviously not a perfect partnership. Cat was set in her rigid traditions and small-town ways, and Gage liked to think big!

Still, Gage found Cat’s honesty and warmth refreshing, and it wasn’t long before her mere presence started to play havoc with his concentration. And it looked as though there was more to this partnership than just business….

A Customer

To borrow a hockey term, Lyn Cote has scored three winning goals in a row with her third and latest novel, Hope’s Garden. If possible, this author just keeps getting better. I’ve been a fan since her first release, Never Alone. I enjoyed the setting and the plot. Lyn really shines when it comes to characterization. In Hope’s Garden she creates unforgetable characters. The quirky brother, Harry, the domineering mother, and Catherine, the heroine, are all memorable. Catherine’s growth and confidence as a woman, were a highlight for this reader. It set this novel heads above the usual romance genre. I’m looking forward to Lyn’s next release.

When Catherine “Cat” Simmons needed financial backing for her nursery, Hope’s Garden, in Eden Iowa, she didn’t expect that her new partner would be such a hands on guy. That wasn’t what she’d had in mind at all. However, she soon learns that Gabe Farrell and his new ideas are just what the little stick-in-the-mud town needs. And, of course, eventually Cat comes to see that Gabe is also good for her.

Gabe has suffered an accident in his past that let him both emotionally and physically scarred. He’d come to Eden for peace and quiet in the laid back town. However now he’s ready for a change. When he’d invested in Hope’s Garden he didn’t expect his new partner to fight his attempts to drag the nursery into the new millennium, but he can take anything she can throw at him, because he’s determined to both make some changes and to make the partnership work.

Ms. Cote has delivered a wonderfully sweet inspirational romance. One that I enjoyed immensely and one that moved me as well. I highly recommend this one.

If you’re interested in buying a copy, just click the book cover above or the link under the cover. If you don’t have an ereader, hoarded new or used print copies can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. –Lyn


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