Love Inspired Author Allie Pleiter Talks About a Mother’s Choice — 5 Comments

  1. I believe that my Son has taught me patience and strength that I didnt know that I had. =)
    Im a widowed Mom of a 22 year old non-verbal Autistic Son. He is doing great! =)
    However…we both have “our moments”….

    Your book sounds wonderful! =)

  2. Yes, struggles are what makes us strong kind of like a bird pecking out of its shell.

  3. As a woman who has been a single parent and now a grandparent trying to help raise grandchildren, I think one thing most strong women don’t realize is that they are strong. They don’t usually discover their true strength until they’ve weathered a storm. I know this because people tell me that I am strong and I have to give the Lord the praise, I don’t think I am. Thanks again for your interview! I’m looking forward to finishing your latest book.

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