A Suggestion of a Gift for Father’s Day Or Win a Copy for Dad! BILLY GRAHAM & ME — 5 Comments

  1. Billy Graham has been central focused on the lost. I have heard his daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, and have loved her ministry. She was the main speaker at a Woman’s Day Away twice, a gathering of churches once a year for workshops. I receive her newsletters. My husband would enjoy receiving this book! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  2. I grew up watching Billy Graham’s revival services. I like to remember my mother’s account of his crusade at Vanderbilt. She is now 95 1/2 and thinks of him as her best friend. I always respected him for having a man accompany him while traveling, so that no one would accuse him of wrong doing or less he be tempted. He truly knew that man is capable of great sin, even when a man is not looking for that sin. I would like to have a copy of that book, especially for my mother. Thanks.

  3. I have never heard him preach in person but on tv . I believed he is a real Christian.

  4. Years ago I had the opportunity to be part of a Billy Graham Crusade. I noted these things from being part of the crusade: he was compassionate, humble, caring, a loving father and husband and more than anything, he loved the Lord His God. I would love to win a copy for my father!

  5. I believe Billy Graham was a Christian man that was not ashamed to speak God’s word before it became the popular thing to do. I also believe he treated everyone equal. It didn’t matter to him who you were; you had a soul that God loved.

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