What’s wrong with…



Yes, you read that right. What’s wrong with bar soap?

This year occasionally I’m going to post something that irritates me about what’s going on around me.

And this is the first post of that type.

So I ask you–what’s wrong with bar soap?

As a child and young woman, I used bar soap and then about a decade or more ago, suddenly body wash appeared.

Body wash is liquid soap. Now what’s my beef with liquid soap?

My beef is that when the liquid soap is done, I’m left with a plastic bottle.

When I’m done with a bar of soap, I’m left with nothing, nothing to throw away or recycle. It’s just gone!

This goes also for those plastic dispensers with anti-bacterial liquid soap by each sink. Again I’m left with a plastic bottle and pump to dispose of.


That’s my beef. Garbage, especially non-degradable garbage is a problem, a big one.

So why add to it?

Go buy a bar of soap!

Whatever brand you choose. And if you want to use liquid soap at the sink, go buy a ceramic reusable dispenser. You can find them really cheap at Walmart or Goodwill.

Just avoid the plastic bottle that goes into the garbage.

Now am I right or am I crazy?–Lyn


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4 Responses to What’s wrong with…

  1. Margaret Fischer says:

    I agree with you. We fill up the landfills with things like toothpaste tubes, makeup containers, and liquid soap bottles. I buy my soaps from local artisans like Star Lake Soap Co, they are a bit more but last a long time and have no chemicals in them. If we all thought about small things like these containers the world would be a cleaner place.

  2. Sunnie says:

    Never thought of it that way. You make a good point.