How Much Do You Know About Your Family? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Lyn,
    How interesting to hear about your family! I’m adopted, as you know, so there’s a lot of info I just don’t have. I don’t feel driven to try to track down biological relatives, but I kept seeing the online advertisements for 23andMe, and decided to sign up. It was ninety-nine dollars for the genetic background going way back in my family tree, plus they (supposedly) are able to give you information on your propensity for many, many diseases based on your DNA. The caveat in the sign-up was that one needs to be prepared to perhaps hear things they’d rather not know about their future, but I’m thinking that it would be good to be forewarned rather than just proceed blindly through life. I set my sample in a couple weeks ago and have to admit–I’m sort of nervous about what I will hear healthwise. But, it will be interesting to hear if what I was told is true. Supposedly, I’m 100% Swedish, and though the test won’t be that specific perhaps it will show my forebears came from that region. It would be so interesting to hear from other people who have had this test, and find out if they were glad they did it… Or not!

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