Raspberry Island Anyone? Duck, Duck? (And Last Week’s Winners) — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve ridden that ferry to Madeline Island! And I want to go their in the winter and DRIVE to the island. I’ll have to file the story idea away for a future date. I have 4 more books under contract my publishers would insist on my finishing first!

  2. And I have story ideas around Madeline Island where the ferry goes from the docks in Bayfield. I hail from almost the very southeastern point of Wisconsin and Bayfield is at the most northeastern point of the state. About as far away as two places can get and still be in Wisconsin. Your story about Raspberry Island is very intreging. Get to work!

  3. I love the Apostle Islands! Many happy memories of going there with my parents, so many years ago. Beautiful islands, and I loved Bayfield as well. I have never forgotten the blackberries and cream I had at a white clapboard hotel near the dock where you can put your car on the ferry. I’m so glad you got to go there!

    I am already excited about the story ideas you will glean from this trip….great romances, but also, I will so enjoy reading about the area. Hope you write them soon!


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