Debut Author Sherri Shackelford & A Pessimist No More? — 25 Comments

  1. I like a book that hops from the get go and that drags you in. I tend to read suspense and historical christian. Historical has both suspense and a soft side.
    Sherri all I can say about that sadly written review is they’re probably jealous and angry and took it out on you. I’m grateful you haven’t stopped writing and keep up your amazing talent.

  2. Don’t let one or two bad reviews spoil the delight in publishing your book. Those readers are probably having a bad day, or bad week. If it makes them happy to bash someone, I think we should feel sorry for them. Think instead of all the happy readers who rarely post a review, but will go on to recommend your book to others, and pass their own copy around.

  3. I took a look at that review and can’t believe that person. But looking at that person’s other reviews negative reviews are what they do. Don’t let it get you down.

  4. I just had a great example of my greatest fear today! I received a review on Amazon that bashed the book and me personally. That, I’ll admit, I wasn’t prepared for. People not liking the book – sure, People hating me personally because of words on a paper, that’s a little tougher.

  5. Why do you think you love some books more than others? What’s the difference?
    The books that touch your heart because the characters grow and change for the better because of the examples, love, and directions they find in the Lord and shared by those around them. So much has changed in Christian fiction that I love. Not giving paragraphs of “how-to’s” but life that is lived and there is a remedy/redemption shown.
    My favorite is Historical Fiction because I like to see characters entwined within events/happenings that are researched by the author, more thoroughly than likely we learned in school. History comes alive. We all want to know how we can do it better and leave the past behind ~*~ our now and future is to be enjoyed where we live.
    I’m the one who would like your novella brought out fuller in a full novel, please! Kathleen (Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! fuller in full, ha.) FOR SOPHIA’S HEART prequel! Thanks. I especially liked that you were writing about a relative. What a warm, heart-warming story. warm-warming ; goodness these words are running together…
    I looked up “prequel” and found: “pre·quel (pr kw l). n. A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative takes place before that of a preexisting work or a sequel.”
    Yes, that’s what I meant; before a sequel!

  6. I think a riveting storyline and believable characters grab me and I fall in love with the magnetism of the package. Some books just hold you heart.

  7. Yes, I think books speak to different people. Often I’ve heard from readers who got some message or hope from one of my books that I DIDN’T know I’d woven into the story. Now that surprised me and continues to!

  8. Ahhh Mary, You’re so nice to me!

    Hello Laura, I think sometimes people pick up a book and don’t realize it’s Christian novel. Then they bash the author–which isn’t fair.

    Avery, I’m a sucker for happy ending 🙂

  9. Carol, what a wonderful job! Think how many young people you’ve influenced.

    Cathy, Hello, gorgeous! Lovely to see you out and about on the web 🙂 Thank you for your kind words.

  10. Desperation, Hope, and a Happy Ending Finish 🙂
    I’ve got Sherri’s book, but I’ve just started reading it–so far it is great! And I’d love to have one for a gift.

  11. I think that I agree with what everyone is saying. I think that each book touches something different in everyone who reads it. I think its the characters that really get to me. If I don’t like the characters then I probably won’t like the book. However if I don’t like a book I won’t go and give it a bad review. However if I get a book from Tell Harlequin for a survey that I don’t like I will let them know. What bugs me most is when I go on Amazon and people are bashing the book because there is to much religion in the book. Why pick up something that is Christian fiction if you don’t want to read about the faith? Or bash a book because the mystery was never solved. Before you go ranting on the author did you stop and see if the book you picked up a book that is part of a continuity or series? It drives me nuts. So now that I sound like I am ranting lol I’ll just say don’t let the bad reviews get you down. I love the sound of Winning the Widow’s Heart 🙂

  12. Sherri, What I loved about your book was the wonderful mix of romance, history, mystery, and humor! Delightful!
    (Lyn, I already have my copy, so please don’t enter me in the drawing.)
    Blessings on your mission!

  13. “Why do you think you love some books more than others? What’s the difference?”

    Books are like friends and acquaintances. Some are forever, some are just passing through. Some books I read and know I will want to re-read it again at some point. Some I want to just savor the memory until the next one in that series comes along. Some are ones that were/are OK but I wouldn’t want to spend a lot more time with. Some books touch your heart, some touch your mind, and some touch both. I read a TON of books for my job — I’m a K12 librarian, so students and teachers ask me for recommendations.

    THANKS for the giveway . . .

  14. I’ve read books that I loved so much I devoured them in a day or two, and there were others that were literal “wall-thumpers” (yes, I actually threw them against the wall). But the frustrating ones are those where everything seems fine, but I find myself not caring whether I finish it or not. I can never quite put my finger on what’s wrong with the book, but it just hasn’t grabbed me, and it takes a long time to either just finish it or walk away.

    Thankfully, Sherri’s was one of those great 2-day reads for me. 🙂

  15. Amy, I miss the sweet regencies where the relationship was the center of the book and everything wasn’t so hot, hot, hot! Ya know? Luckily, the Love Inspired Historical line is bringing them back 🙂

  16. The content is what turns me off from a book. Too much bad language or inappropriate behavior described. I like a book to have some morals.

  17. Pat, I hope this book draws people in. The first scene is pretty harrowing!

    Judy, It’s great when you can find a book that resonates in your own life. I tend to write Christian characters who are just trying to do the right thing!

    Cindy, I think people have lost some of their tolerance for ‘discovery’ – we’re all so busy these days…but it’s too bad. I know some wonderful authors who’ve grown throughout their careers.

  18. Thank you, Lyn, for the wonderful opportunity to be on your blog!

    Sherry, Thanks for stopping by! (Love your name 🙂

    Dana, Seeing people achieve their best is a beautiful thing, isn’t it??!

    Betti, I understand completely! I bet you’re a ‘hope for the best’ kinda person 🙂

  19. Some people read just for the sake of reading. They don’t stop to think about what they’re reading or what they can get out of the book/story. They also just read what they’re used to reading instead of trying something new. If they happen to read a new author or genre and it didn’t “grab” them like their “usual” read then they don’t like what they’ve read. I have my favorites and tend to read them most often but I do read others to see if I like them too. I would love to win this group of books so after reading them I can donate them to my church library.

  20. There are some books that just speak to me more than others. I love books that make you think about your own life. Believe it or not, these don’t have to be non-fiction books but they could be fiction romance, amish, suspense, and mystery. I do tend to lean toward books that have God in them. It doesn’t mean that every character has to be good and Godly but it is nice to read that a character has a change in his/her life that leads to God.
    Winning the Widow’s Heart sounds like a great read. I’d be delighted to win a copy of it.


  21. I love a book that draws you into it. This looks like a great read. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  22. I think I love some books more than others because they touch me where I am at that time in my life. Reading about how everything goes wrong and yet things work out right, is just about where many of us feel we are at times. I am an optimist that would have a degree in worry if they gave out such things…lol. I realize that is a bit mixed up, but that’s me. 🙂

  23. I love to help people [ family friends even those I don’t know that well } become all that God wants them to be .I just need to learn to allow others to help me .Love to read your book .Blessings

  24. I would love the chance to win this book. Please enter me. TY for opportunity to win her book.

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