Is There Anything You Like but Most Others Don’t? — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Lyn, In australia fruitcake is popular, I don’t like it but do like the icing they put on it. It is used in nearly all wedding cakes.
    I love cricket and going to games where as most of my friends dont or they can watch it on tv for a while but dont get my desire to watch the game live even the state games. and dont get why I would go to the whole match not just one day.
    Ok know I know what it is I like I like the dentist. I dont like the money it costs. I need to go now but I cant afford it but I dont mind going I would rather go to the dentist than a dr. I have had friends who like to scare people will say oh you know what they do and I am Yes they …. then they will say more and I am yes they …. then finally this guy said you’re not worried at all are you and I said no I have no problem with going to the dentist but when you have your appointment I will come and keep you company to remind you what happens. He left worried I was serious! He had a fear but I have no fear of the dentist.

  2. Jean, I really GET what you’re saying. Tomahawk Lake is more than just a place, it is a state of mind and heart. Hope you’ll get back here sometime!

  3. My love of all loves is Minocqua WI, more specific…down the lake from you. That place holds my heart and always will. It is spiritual, comforting, my safe place. Although it is no longer “mine” I will always “own” it in my heart. One of the hardest things I have ever done was saying good-bye. Weird, people say it’s just some property. It’s way more than that, always was, always will be. Luckily there are some family members who “get it”, thank God for that passion. Winter, spring, summer, or fall Tomahawk Lake is my deepest love on this earth. I am so glad you are there and you understand!

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