If You Could Travel Anywhere-Where? — 30 Comments

  1. There are lots of places in the U.S. I’d love to see. Overseas I’d love to explore the U.K.and a tiny island in Greece called Leros where my grandpa was born. And since I’m so close, I’d go to Jerusalem. So much I’d love to see for myself.

  2. I wouldn’t need to go far. I would love to walk among the giant Redwoods again!

  3. I would go to South Africa. It definitely seems like a weird destination if you know me but I want to see penguins in their natural habitat. Obviously Antarctica is out of the question so I choose to go there. ??

  4. This may sound weird, but I would not go anywhere. I would just stay home. My husband and I are disabled. It is more challenging for me to go out. I find it comforting to be home with our three cats. Thank you for the opportunity Godn bless you. Please stay safe.

  5. Yugoslavia/ Croatia since that is where my grandparents were from.

  6. If it was Nov = April I would go to Hawaii in a heartbeat. (I don’t like humidity). But right now I would go to Canada The west coast, Spend time on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Pemberton/Whistler area, and would do a bus tour the goes into Alberta as haven’t been there but to see Lake Louise, Banff etc. If possible would even do a cruise up to Alaska. (If money, time etc is no issue I plan to go for at least 6 weeks – two months).

  7. We have just had a lovely trip to Perth where our middle son and his wife and two boys live. It is coming into winter here in New Zealand. We have had a good lot of snow in mountains which is great for skiers.
    We don’t ski.
    We were fortunate to have three weeks over there. It is nice to live in a lovely home with great heating for winter and cooling for summer.
    Thank you for your newsletters.

    God bless you.

  8. I would like to travel to India, Taiwan, and Indonesia. I would like to see the new to me parts of the world where some of my students come from.

  9. I would love to go to Contessa Entelina in the province of Palermo in Sicily where my ancestors came from. It is so beautiful there from the photographs I’ve seen.

  10. In my mind, I travel all the time … as I read. But I physically want to travel to Scotland (I live in the Pacific Northwest in the good old USA). Two of my favorite authors, Rosamund Pilcher and Alexandra Raife, created such wonderful images of Scotland in their writings that I just have to go someday to see for myself. That’s what I love about books and good writers/writing. They take you somewhere, make you feel like you are traveling already and leave you wanting more.

  11. Lots of “A” places. Heading to Alaska soon and would love to go to Australia and Antarctica. But the best “A” place is right here in Amarillo with grandkids!!

  12. Going on my dream trip to Alaska in July! I won’t go anywhere outside the US. I still want to go to Hawaii and Mackinac Island.

  13. Money being no object…and no COVID concerns….my choice would be to return to Hawaii – see all the islands, enjoy the flowers, the weather, the fruits, and take lots of pictures! Always have my phone available for pictures as well as reading during the relaxing and wait times…never without it!!! What a get away fantasy to enjoy dreaming about – Thanks for this delicious thought!

  14. Wow! That is a good question. In the US I would love to visit the East coast areas and Alaska. I would also like to visit European countries, Ireland, Scotland, then Italy, also I think going to my mother’s homeland, Zimbabwe Africa and down into South Africa would be nice.

  15. I would love to tour all the National Parks in the middle of the US. We have talked about doing a driving trip, but so far have not planned it.

  16. My long time bucket list destination is Scotland. So, that’s where I’d go. But, since money is no concern (LOL), I would also like to visit places in Wales and England where my ancestors were born. And, since time is not a factor, maybe slip in a side trip to Ireland. I might want to include a travel companion. Wanna join me?

  17. Our son/wife are serving the Lord in Panama. Looking forward to visiting them.

  18. Our beautiful United States, state by state, park by park, river by river and the history of each state.

  19. I would go to Italy. Maybe Tuscany or Sicily. The delicious food,b the cute Italian men,beautiful scenery. What a dream.

  20. Hawaii, My folks went many years ago and loved it. I would love to see all the flowers and just sit on the beach.
    Watch the waves and read a good book with a tall glass of ice tea. My Grandson would love to go too.

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