Lyn Asks: Do Opposites Attract? — 16 Comments

  1. opposites bring balance to the relationship in areas you are not good in when you learn to recognize it as a benefit

  2. Yes, opposites DO attract! My Hubby & I are a perfect example. I’m very musical/creative, he is into cars…I’m good at spelling, he’s good at math. We are like opposite halves of a locket…we fit together perfectly! ~Janine Lehmann

  3. Yes I think opposite attract, because life would be boring if all the same and we all tend to seek adventure and sometimes it takes opposites to realize it.

  4. Opposites attract because they are different from what they are maybe used to. My husband found me refreshing and wanted to know more about me…43 years later he still is trying to figure me out……

  5. Yes I do believe opposite attracts My late husband and I was opposite as night and day

  6. Yes, I believe opposites attract. I think the things that draw us close to our opposites might be things we would like to see in ourselves. My husband and I are opposites but we compliment each other quite nicely. After some turbulence sometimes! ??

  7. I think that sometimes opposites do attract. One of my brothers is very much the introvert and he married a girl that is the life of the party. I have no idea why that may be but I know it’s caused tension in their marriage when they aren’t understanding of each others needs.

  8. Opposites attract because they make up for what the other partner lacks. Together they are a stronger unit.

  9. Common interests seem to pull a couple closer but I can see where opposites could be attracted to each other too. I admire some traits in my husband that I do not possess myself. He picks up where I fall short.

  10. Yes, I believe opposite attract but with still having core similarities.

  11. Yes, I do believe opposites attract. My first husband was totally opposite to me and he could not make any adjustments so we ended up divorced. My second husband, who I met 9 years later, was also opposite to me but had such a great personality that literally everybody who met him loved him. His collecting things was a point of interest (hmmmm) but his personality, kindness, and sweetness was worth ignoring those little things. We had a lot of fun in the 16 years married until he passed away at age 51.

  12. The saying ‘same but different’ comes to mind…yes I do believe opposites attract. I was drawn to my husband immediately upon meeting him as we SEEMED so alike in our interests and way of living. That proved to be an incorrect assumption as we really were very different. Love won out and we had 32 wonderful years together…the differences between us kept our life together full of fun – never any boredom.

  13. Yes I do. My husband and I were opposites on some things but we were married 49 1/2 years when he passed away. It has been 2 years now but he was my best friend.

  14. YEs, my husband and I were as opposite as we could possibly be. We were happily married for 48 1/2 years. in 25 days it will be the first anniversary of his passing. It has been a crazy hard year since. But as for last month’s question, that I somehow missed seeing, yes, done many family member DNA tests. Through them my son-in-law found his grandparents, I found my grandfather and many new cousins of which only 2 live in the US. We are the best of friends and I love the fact that they are my cousins. I also was able to find my mother-in-laws family as a result of DNA. Found some very wonderful family I would have missed knowing otherwise.

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