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  1. For my family, it has been business as usual since Christmas. Other than wearing masks everywhere, everything has opened up to some degree. My husband and I even got to go out to dinner for our anniversary last November. The most impacted we’ve been is with our daughter in college. This is her senior year. She went to Lock Haven Univ on a field hockey scholarship and unfortunately the fall season was suspended. We really missed not traveling to her games and tailgating afterwards with her and her team mates’ families. They are starting a small spring season but until this week, spectators were not allowed. This week they began allowing spectators with a limit of two per player. This was something we previously enjoyed doing with all of us, Dad, Mom, brother, and Grandma. I’ve heard stories of what other’s have and still are going through and feel blessed that it hasn’t been as bad as that with our family.

  2. Hi Lynn, post-pandemic, we would love to go to summer Bible camp with our kids and spouses in the Adirondacks, NY, winter (a week or two in January) in Key Largo, FL with my bro-in-law, and visit St. Andrews, Scotland for my golf-loving husband. Also have friends over for BBQ and games!

  3. I live in Detroit Michigan and my mom lives in St. Paul, North Carolina, my very first thing is to go see her. I thank God she has remained healthy throughout the pandemic. She will turn 82 years young on March 31st and that in itself is a blessing. I just want to be able to hug her and love on her for a minute.

  4. Hi!
    The first thing I want to do is go over to my son’s home and hug him, my daughter-in-law, and my granddaughter! I want to see all they have done to their home in a year and sit down to hug my grandpuppy Seamus the Potlick hound. I will also make a special note to myself to never ever take anything for granted again!

  5. I doubt it will so much end as we will just have to learn to live with it as we did the flu. But I am dreaming of the day I can burn these stupid masks.

  6. Post pandemic, I cannot wait to travel again. My husband and I will start out small and begin to frequent the bed and breakfast places we love that we have not been to in over 1 year. Then, we hope to go to a couple of places: Banff, Canada, and England, Scotland, and Ireland. We had the lovely chance to visit my grandfather’s homeland, Denmark plus, Prague, Germany, and Sweden the fall before the pandemic hit as a retirement gift to me for 34 years of teaching!

  7. Rent a place at the beach so all my family can be together and count our blessings that we all survived, got vaccinated, and learned something from the pandemic. Two of my sisters work in the hospital (one in ICU in New York & the other in New Jersey). One did get Covid and luckily survived. Now we want fresh air and fun!

  8. My husband and I want to travel more when restrictions ease. We are scheduled for our second Covid vaccine next week. I can’t wait for things to open up more so we can get back to normal!

  9. My first plan is to have a get together with my family and friends without social distancing. There will be lots of hugs and just enjoying each other’s company.

  10. I want to go fishing. I am 72 and did not go fishing last year because of the parks being closed. I would love to go fishing all day. Sit in the shade under a shade tree and have a picnic lunch and family all around me.

  11. When the pandemic ends and it is back to being safe my husband and I want to do the trips we had scheduled. We had to cancel all the trips. We were planning on going to Brittany, France for a week, London, England, and a trip to Rome, Italy with some friends. We basically want to be able to travel but will wait until it is truly safe to leave and to actually visit the places we want to go to which is basically international travel. My husband had retired and was planning on several trips. That is life.

  12. I didn’t go out much before the pandemic but I’m seriously considering taking my kids on a road trip.

  13. I want to take a long walk on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing the shoreline. I haven’t been to the beach for several years now due to family milestones and Covid-19.

  14. Hug and kiss everyone I meet, including all my family but not excluding anyone.

  15. I plan on going to Indiana and then Florida so I can visit with my great-grandchildren, it has been so hard to stay away from all of them.

  16. Oh yes! In 2020 I had planned a cruise to the Baltic countries. BTW I am a lady of 74 which will come handy when you read the rest.
    Unfortunately I had to cancelled those plans because of COVID. So then I thought well 2021….well that also had to be cancelled because of COVID. I am not getting any younger and I am very much afraid that 2022 may not be much better, but I have hopes. If it doesn’t happen I can always console myself that I have already seen very much of the world and I should be thankful for that. Health wise I have been very lucky and can only hope it continues that way.

  17. I plan to have a large outdoor bar-b-que in the summer to celebrate my “big” birthday that got missed due to Covid last summer! Plus, being able to spend time with family and friends will be awesome!!! So miss seeing and being around other people.

  18. I’m going to go out to eat with my family and hopefully be able to go to the zoo and the children’s museum with my little sisters!?

  19. I’m excited to go to DisneyWorld again, sans masks. I miss the food, the atmosphere, the rides and getting to have a true vacation from everything.

  20. Spend time with my grandaughters, great grandaughters and 1st great grandson!

  21. I would like to say we, my husband of 45 years and I, are going on a mini vacation…. But we seldom go anywhere overnight at the same time, we have goats and chickens that have to be cared for.
    So maybe I can get him to take a day to see things close by that we have not seen before.
    Also looking forward to the reopening if a local BBQ restaurant, drive thru only right now.

  22. I plan to go on a road trip to visit different lighthouses. Start short distance then long. I can’t wait!

  23. When this crazy pandemic ends I hope to travel to Central Asia where my daughter, son-in-law, and three precious grandchildren live. We had planned to go last year. We already had our Visas and were about to buy airplane tickets to leave on March 31. Needless to say, we weren’t able to go. It would be very special if we could do that this year.

  24. When this pandemic ends, I would love to be able to see my extended families. Being able to see them in person rather via zoom/phone or through the window would be awesome. Also, just to hug my family or hold my great nieces and nephews, I would be grateful for that too.

  25. We plan to travel with friends to a Nascar race. We will drive this time so I am excited about the places we’ll see along the way!

  26. Revisit Moab UT. There were places that we were unable to visit due to the fact they were on Indian land. There is four corners, and Monument Valley, and Indian stores in Moab. Arches National Park, and Dead Horse State Park, they were amazing to see.

  27. I am really not sure about this because we have lived so long with this. I would probably invite people to visit or go visiting. It has been a lonely time. I would also be going around giving hugs to everyone I know. I miss socializing and being able to hugging someone else. Connecting with someone.

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