Lyn Asks the July Question and Also What about “Harry?”

(The view from my front porch–happy summer!)

My July question is: (NOTE: I discuss “Harry” toward the end.)

Have you come to any new realizations or truths over the past months, such as what is really important in life?

Or how can I make life better for myself and those around me?

I’m going to give that some thought myself. I think it’s a good question to ask from time to time. And now’s the time!


I’m writing a holiday novella, titled BENEATH NORTHERN LIGHTS, I’ve named my hero Harry. One  of my critique partners objects and says it’s an old man name. My Harry is third in the line of Harry’s so it’s a family name.

So my second question is: Should I stick with Harry or change his name and if so, what? Remember I’ll be giving away ebooks to a few commenters.

And don’t forget, I’ve been writing hard and here’s my latest book.



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Journey to Peace


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28 Responses to Lyn Asks the July Question and Also What about “Harry?”

  1. Krista Barton says:

    I like the name Harry! And yes I am actually looking to move into the country from the city. It’s time for a slowdown with my 3 littles

  2. Bonnie Kaiser says:

    Did I miss something? Harry? What is the era? If it is contemporary, I guess anything goes although I don’t like the name very much. If it is set between 1950 and 1980, then Harry must be an old man. Andrew or Jonathan could fit any era and make me think of a handsome young man ( 21 – 45 years).

    The era is very important and names should be appropriate. It’s annoying when a modern name is used for a character in a historic novel.

  3. Lisa Walker says:

    What’s wrong with Harry? Think of Prince Harry. If it was me I’d stick with the name. But I might be in the minority.

  4. Jeannie says:

    I like Harry. The fact that he is the third in line of that name makes the argument of it being an old man’s name irrelevant. It is about the family connection. Also, as others have mentioned, there are several well known men named Harry that are anything but old!
    One thing that has become even more important to me during the past few months is to appreciate the blessings I have and not worry about those that I think I am missing.

  5. Kimberly Davis says:

    I have learned to rely on God and my family more. It has made me realize how much time my family spends together but also apart. We are having more family time now.

  6. Sharon says:

    I have learned to rely on God more to keep my loved ones safe. I know He is always in control, no matter how bleak the situation is, and He will guide us through in His own timing, which is always perfect.

  7. Jennifer Carr says:

    Harry seems old fashioned to me. What about Thomas or Bronson?

  8. Mary King says:

    Harry, is a name that i don’t hear a lot , but it a strong name. i like it , and think it’s a good name for your character. as far as your question, i have come to realize that life can be taken in a moment , and that life is short so we should take ever chance we have to make someone happy and let them know we love them.i always tell my love ones , that i love them when they leave or at the end of a phone call, it might be my last time.i also learn that we can spend more family time , if we really want to and it makes a closer family.

  9. Teresa Swartz says:

    I am thinking Harrison instead of Harry. Harrison means son of Harry and evokes an image of a handsome, debonair man in his 30’s or 40’s.
    Self reflection has been high on my list as I struggle with the empty nest season of life. Learning to be content with where I am in life and let God lead. I am finding peace in just being “in the garden” preparing for my next God inspired venture.

  10. Amy Perrault says:

    I don’t think Harry is the best name. I like Zack. My family & our health is very important to me. We have been sticking together & doing anything for each other. I think that is the most important thing.

  11. Janet Mottaz says:

    I like Harry. In fact, “I’m just wild about Harry”?? (my mom used to sing that old song). Even though my grandson is named a Henry, I feel it’s almost ubiquitous now in the under-15 crowd, and therefore too trendy for a hero’s name.

  12. Lynn Hill says:

    The answer to your July question is that life is very fragile and short no matter how hard we try and hang on to our love ones. So my advise to you is spend as much time as you can with them while they are here because in a blink of an eye they will pass over.My soul mate made that trip last Friday and my heart is breaking!

  13. Tikey says:

    I never cared for the name Harry until I learned about Prince Harry.
    He seems to be a wonderful and honorable man. Now I like the name.

  14. Vicky says:


  15. Evelyn says:

    Naming a character: Shiloh = peace – this works for either gender.

  16. April Morin says:

    I like Harry and think it’s popular due to Harry Styles, Prince Harry, etc. It’s a good family name as well.
    I have realized how much happier I am with a daily routine – feed the backyard birds, read, etc as well as how much I enjoy Zooming with my nieces and family.

  17. Melinda M says:

    Keep Harry. It works well as a family name.

  18. Peggy Banchor says:

    I like the name Harry I have a niece who named all 3 of her boys with name like Henry , And Oliver I think it a a character name for sure.

  19. Peggy Banchor says:

    I like the name Harry I have a unnamed all 3 of her boys with name like Henry , And Oliver I think it a a character name for sure.

  20. Laura Arvold says:

    I don’t like Harry either. Maybe Henry. And what I’ve been processing after the lockdown is that many in my family loved the slower pace of life. We all benefited from not having to race to the next appointment. Also we connected more via Zoom. That was special and want to continue that.

  21. beth shepherd says:

    I like the traditional name Harry. I would keep it. I think older names are becoming more of a thing again. Harve is our traditional name for males in our family and Dessie for girls. I like the rooted names.

  22. Penelope says:

    Politicians & Media hope to polarize us. Amongst my extended family we have differences of opinion based on who we believe is telling the truth. I try to step back from the emotions and embrace the fact that we are all believers (or lovers of the lost) which is something we can all celebrate together. And we can all agree that this world needs our prayer and love then concentrate on that – rather than divisive words or actions.

    Names – If you’ve already built into your storyline the passing on of the family name – I guess it’s Harry. But Harry could also become the middle name (my husband’s family’s tradition) and choose another name. Ethnic background? I like Finnegan, Owen, Cyrus, Tobias, Wesley, Logan, Garrett. Lots of fun choices. 😀

  23. Charlene says:

    Make it Harry, but have him prefer the full name – Harrison – people outside the family that he meets know him as Harrison.

  24. Cindy Trout says:

    It is important how we spend our time. Reading is good and quiet time is important. Spending time with loved ones and helping those in need is so inspiring for me as I tend to be a recluse. During the covid that is somewhat good. Quiet time with God and prayers is most important. Reading the most important book in the world (the Bible) is inspiring and helps me to be joyful, have peace and be stronger.

  25. Susan Craig says:

    I immediately thought of Prince Harry. Maybe the name will make a comeback.

  26. Jessica Whitacre says:

    I do connect the name Harry to an older man. However, a lot of the older names are becoming popular again. If you like the name and have a connection with it, I say keep it!

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