Lyn Asks the June Question–DNA? — 6 Comments

  1. no DNA testing but my daughter has went on and found lots of information on our families

  2. I have done a test through Ancestry. It was interesting to find out where my family was originally from. As I had always assumed, I’m a bit of a mutt. I have mostly DNA from the UK, but a small amount from other places in Europe. As my son pointed out, these small amounts are from countries that battled with the early time periods in England.
    Ancestry also helped a cousin find out about his biological father. When he matched with me and some other family members, he was able to find out that one of my mother’s cousins was his father. He learned that he had a half sister and solved the mystery of who his father was. It’s sad that his mother wasn’t able to, or wouldn’t, provide the information before her death.

  3. I have not done any DNA testing, but my sister did. She discovered that we are 99% European.

  4. Among many discoveries on, after doing my dna, was my great grandfathers birthdate. We had know that he used two different dates, one that he celebrate with family (cake ice cream) and one that was listed on his obituary. At first his family thought that one was a mid-print, unti his widow was questioned and she said “no, that’s his real birthdate…”he loved a joke.
    But as I looked for a birth certificate to prove which one was correct, I finally found a third birthdate…on a parish birth registry. This has to be the correct one!
    The question is why? He came to the USA, from Canada with an older brother to work the gold fields of North Dakota. He added 3 years to his age…what was he hiding, and why?

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