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My new series, “New Neighbor Lane” has a lot of pets in it, starting with a basset hound, Bummer, and two golden tabbies, Twinkie and Peanut Butter.

THE MARCH QUESTION: What was the name of your first pet? Tell us about how you came to have it and anything else you’d like to share!

My first pet was a gray, white and black striped domestic shorthair that my mother found for me. I don’t remember how she found him. I named Puddy Tat. You know why don’t you? Tweety Bird always said, “I t’ought I saw a puddy tat.” Remember Sylvester the Cat? My Puddy Tat was a great comfort to me as I went through grade school. And he was the cat who always climbed our Christmas tree. That was when people had glass ball ornaments! After the third time, my mom put a cup hook in the wall behind the Christmas tree and tied the tree to the wall. Problem solved. She loved animals and said trying to get a cat not to climb a tree–Impossible!

So please share your first pet story with me. (Some commenters will be offered a free ebook.)

And here’s a blast from the past-I only watched the first one. They go on and on!


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22 Responses to Lyn Asks the March Question

  1. LINDA BASS says:


  2. Jennifer Van-Alphen says:

    Tabby Cat that was named BJ.

  3. Karen Judy says:

    My first pet was a black kitten with white paws and a white mustache. I named him Boots. I don’t remember how I got him but I do remember that I used to put him in my baby doll stroller and push him up and down our sidewalk.

  4. sheryl says:

    my first pet was a grey Tabby cat. He was the baby of one of our females. I named him Benny from a name off of a tomato paste can( all I remember is Benilito) I was still in elementary school when he became part of my life. He was so sweet and cuddly. I did not have him too long,but he will always be in my memories as the best cat I ever had.

  5. Pam says:

    My first pet was a an orange kitten my Dad had found. Dad was a softy and drought him home. I helped give him a real original name “Rusty” (said he was orange colored). We only had him a short time and he got distemper. My Dad gave up his daily lunch money so he could go to the vet, he survived that and then developed pneumonia. Again, Dad gave up his lunch money and Rusty survived. I used to dress him up and put him in a doll carriage to take him for walks. When I went to school and they asked if I had any siblings my answer was “yes, I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me”. When he wasn’t registered for school 2 years later either the teacher or principal asked my parents about him and almost died laughing when they were told it was my cat. To this day I especially love cats and in the past 38 years I have had 3 rescues all from very young ages. The cat I have now was rescued by my vet at 3 days old and I got to adopt him the day he turned 5 weeks old. This cat is so different from any of my others: MR. Feisty is gentle, kittenish, caring, and helps take care of my 97 y/o Mom. Unconditional love and trust from him – best thing in the world.

  6. SARAH TAYLOR says:

    My first pets name was Lassie My Dad and Mom got her for me when I was Young I named her after The show Lassie because I always loved watching that show!

  7. Helen says:

    My first pet was a teacup chihuahua named Bambi. My mom rescued her from a family that abused her. The men in the family kicked her. She was terrified of men, and stocking feet. When my mom first saw her she was tied up outside in sub- freezing weather. She didn’t even weigh 3 pounds. When she died I was so heartbroken, we went out and got another teacup Chihuahua. Only this one was 8 weeks old and so tiny she fit in a men’s shirt pocket with only her nose and front paws sticking out. We named her Bambi too.

  8. Maria Mast says:

    I’m not sure what our first pet was (I am not much of an animal person), but I do know we had a pair of white mice when I was young. They lived in an aquarium. The one was black and white and the other one was brown and white. When they had babies, there were six of them and three were black and white and three were brown and white. We had moved them out to the chicken house and, sadly, something got all but one of them. A black and white male whom we named Charlie and brought back inside. The night before we were going to move from Ohio to Mississippi, he escaped the aquarium and got caught in a mousetrap! ? I guess maybe it wasn’t a bad thing since Mom had said he was not going with us to Mississippi anyway! ??????

  9. Nancy Jones says:

    My first pet was a little black dog. I don’t know if the dog was male or female. I was only about a year old and at the time my mother and I were living at my grandparents farm. I called the dog “Doggie Pup.” I don’t remember much more about that dog, but I do have a photo of me outside playing with him/her/whatever. LOL

  10. Melinda M says:

    Candy was the name of my first dog but I was three years old. I have no idea where I got the name.SHe was a good day and a companion for the whole family for 18 years.

  11. Carla T says:

    Our first when I was a small child was a poodle named Cricket. My Dad was called into the ministry and we moved from the city to a small rural town about 70 miles away. I don’t remember what happened to the first Cricket, but we ended up with another poodle, who my parents also named Cricket. I grew up with Cricket and she was still at home when I married and moved a couple hours away. Once my husband and I moved back home she was still our little “Crick dog”. When we had our first daughter and I would be at my parent’s house (which was a lot lol), Cricket would lay down beside her on the couch while she slept. I missed her when she passed. We didn’t get our own “family” pet until after our 2 girls were both born. He was an abandoned poodle-mix pup that a relative from the city picked up and brought down to our little town to see if he could find an owner for him. We ended up taking him home that day and I was smitten with him until he passed almost 17 years later. We named him Edison. It tore us up when he passed and as of now I still don’t want to get another pet, much to the chagrin of my husband, who was ready to get another one relatively soon after Edison’s passing.

  12. Shelia Hall says:

    my first pet was a gray fuzzy cat named Fuzzy who I got when i was 2 hence the name Fuzzy

  13. Vicki says:

    My first pet was a black and white kitten named Pepper. He was so sweet and cuddly. We got him from a neighbor’s litter.

  14. Amelia says:

    My first pets name was Mittens. She was a golden retriever/Black Lab mix. We got her when I was a year old so we grew up together, she was my best friend.

  15. Debra J Pruss says:

    My first pet was a dog by the name Candy. We picked her out with I was a child. One of my aunt and uncle’s neighbor’s dogs had puppies. I loved that dog. She traveled everywhere we went. When we went on vacation or camped, she would crawl into my sleeping bag and go to the foot to sleep. It did not matter how hot it was outside. I still miss her all these years later.

  16. Linda George says:

    I lived on a farm growing up and we always had a bunch of barn cats that we would feed by the house. The tamest one was Mrs. Gray who loved to be held and petted.

  17. Jan Castle says:

    Thank you…A real blast from the past….enjoyed the Tweetie Bird video!!!
    ‘BOOTS’, a black kitty with white feet that looked like little white boots…he named himself! Boots gave me many hours of fun and cuddles during my elementary school years and worked his way into my heart…I remember him fondly. Pets give you instant love and are there for you, unlike some friends and sometimes even family!

  18. Margie Mijares says:

    The 1st pet I remember that was mine (not shared with 6 siblings) was a small white dog with black spots named Friskie…a tiny little thing no bigger than a Chihuahua but my Daddy called him a Fice…a combo of a Rat Terrier and something or other. I loved that little dog and he always slept down under the covers of my bed by my feet..I had him for many years until he passed away…he was a sweet little dog. We always tried to turn my Daddy’s hunting dogs into pets but he didn’t like that very much…I guess it was embarrassing for him when his prize black & tan coon hound walked down the sidewalk on 3 legs so he could greet visitors with a handshake!! My siblings and I really loved Daddy’s hounds and bird dogs…but they were NOT our pets!!!

  19. marcia Stewart says:

    Our first pet was a white English bulldog named Fanny.

  20. Letha Young says:

    My first pet was a black shorthair cat whose name was Whiskey due to his amber colored eyes. I was there when he was born and my parents let me take care of him. I was about 3. I had him until I was 12 when he got in a fight with another animal and had to be put down due to rabies.

  21. Denise says:

    My first pet was a white Persian cat. She was given to me by my grandmother when I was little. I loved her mew and started saying mew mew whenever she was around. The name stuck and she became Mewmew.

  22. Lisa Sabatini says:

    There were always cats and dogs in my home growing up, but the pet that was “mine” was a dog my mom rescued. She had gone to the bank during a thunderstorm and the little guy had gotten inside. Customers were hitting him with their umbrellas, trying to push him toward the door. So, Mom brought him home, and when no one claimed him, he became my buddy. He was a good listener to teenaged woes.

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