Lyn Asks the February Question-First Love? — 4 Comments

  1. I had it bad for Frank. I like him so much that I bought a ring for him out of gumball machine at Stewart’s Ice Cream shop while my Family and I were having ice cream.
    When I was in high school performing the play Grease, he was one of the main actors. We got reacquainted and it was if we had been apart. I still liked him and thought some day that we might get married. We went on our Senior trip to Florida and my heart was broken when he told that he had no feelings for me. He did apologize for hurting me. He also apologized by putting it in writing in my Yearbook. Recently I have been able to get reconnected with him. We are very good Friends now.

  2. I guess, because I have to delve back into memories of so long ago, that my recollection may be a bit foggy, but, however, here goes. My first crush was Timmy, the boy who lived up the street a few houses from me……outwardly to my brothers and his brothers and sisters, we were enemies, but, in private, very special friends…..he was the first boy I kissed and, oh, how I did love him then. No idea now what happened to this lovely boy but often think how lovely it would be to find out.
    ps. Lyn, I love your books. (I am a part of your early reading group).

  3. In tenth grade a guy sat in front of me in physical science. I gave him my year book to sign. He wrote the sweetest thing that I was too shy to act upon. “I think that girl that sits behind me in physical science is a witch. She has cast a spell to make me think about her all the time.”
    I often think about what might have happened had I responded to him. I’m sure he thought I wasn’t interested.
    But God had other plans. Years later I met my husband on a blind date and we’ve been married thirty nine years and counting!

  4. If my memory served me better, I’m sure I’d have a ‘fun’ crush story to tell since I remember always ‘loving’ some boy every time I turned around. At the young age of 14, I wondered who that creepy guy was sitting next to my brother in church, and here we are 57 years later married for 52 years. Being extremely shy around females, he had his younger brother ask me for our first date!

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