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  1. It was actually my older sister, by 3 years, that got me excited about school. She would come home from school, all happy and smiling. When she was in 3rd grade, she got permission to take me with her one day, and the love of school was on!

  2. Mrs. Ames was my first grade teacher. I started school in Pomeroy, WA. About a month later we moved back to Idaho Falls. She was the neatest lady. It was her last year teaching so she was elderly then. After she retired, she moved to Laramie, Wyoming to be near her daughter. She wrote to my best friend and I for years. The letters finally quit coming after many years so I assumed she either got too old or passed away. I was too young to realize it then but looking back, it hit me that she had to have been gone. Yes we were the “teachers pets”. But she was the kindest, most caring teacher I had ever had. She truly was meant to be a teacher.

  3. My Home-Ec teacher Mrs. Nash got me started on my love of cooking and baking. Also Mrs. Summerford ,my 1st grade teacher, for my love of reading.

  4. Mrs. Carrington was a second grade teacher and always kept a jar of peppermints on her desk. When someone had a sore throat she’d give one to that child. Don’t mistake she did know when you were the real thing or false. Then there was Mrs. Beaver. she was first grade and always made you happy and excited for the next thing to learn.

  5. My elementary school days were my favorite. I loved each one of my grade school teachers for various reasons. In 1962 I was in third grade and Mrs.Thomas was my teacher. We were doing a craft project by turning a wire coat hanger into a “horse” book holder using yarn and a cork. Mrs. Thomas was bending each hanger into the shape needed and after doing several her hands were hurting and she said she would do the others the next day. I enviously looked at my fellow students who had begun wrapping yarn around their “horse”. I gave Mrs. Thomas such a pitiful, yearning look that she gave in and bent mine hurting hands and all. I will never forget her kindness to me that day.

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