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  1. I live in Las Vegas so the summers are always hot. This year however has been even hotter than normal and we seem to be having an extended (for us) monsoon season as well so the humidity has been higher as well. I tend to adjust to temperatures really well but this year I find myself trying to get everything done in the early morning. I work nights and get off at 6am so the days I need to shop or have appointment they are done as early as possible and I try to be home by 11am at the latest. The humidity along with the heat and other stuff happening this year has made me more “cranky” and anti-social. I can’t wait for cooler weather to be outside and around other people, hopefully without all the health concerns and safety measure that are in effect right now.

  2. I have fibromyalgia so the weather affects me greatly. I live in southern Oregon, and we’ve had a hotter than normal summer. The heat came early, and here we are already having cool, fall nights. We did have one lightening storm that caused over 50 wildfires, so we are dealing with occasional smoke as well. Rain is greatly needed here as we re in extreme draught. Unfortunately for me, rain also brings me increased pain.

  3. Good morning and I mean that two ways. First as a salutation and as a comment about the gorgeous it is today in the north Georgia mountains. To your question about how the weather affects your mood or how you feel feel physically with weather changes, I can say a resounding yes. A lovely day makes me want to go outside even if it’s just to sit. Cold rainy or snowy days makes my arthritis act up to where I can barely walk. Since we do get a lot of rainy days here in Georgia and our summers are always hot but when the humidity reaches 100% and the temperatures are in the high nineties it throws our gages well over 100-110 degrees.

  4. The weather here in New England has been strange…The 2nd hottest July and the rainiest July/August and the first hurricane in 30 years…Yes, the hot humid weather makes my joints ache. Between Delta and the weather it hasn’t been a fun summer, but as long as there are books to read I can make it through most anything.

  5. The older I get the more the weather affects me. Weather changes bring about aches and pains and sometimes headaches, but it’s more the sunshine or lack thereof that affects my moods. I definitely wouldn’t be happy in the Pacific NW with their lack of sunshine!

  6. Our summer has been the usual hot and humid. I lived up north for a few years and it was miserable as I suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

  7. I think this has been the most wonderful summer ever in Northern Wisconsin and my heart is singing with joy!

  8. Weather has an affect on me. In Central Illinois this summer has been quite rainy compared to the usual. When it stops and the vegetation looks brown and the earth cracked I feel concern and pray for rain! Even as a child, on the farm, if it kept raining I thought it would never stop and then when it stopped I wondered when we would get rain again. I am glad that God is in control of the weather! I don’t take it for granted!

  9. Weather has been hotter than usual. It does effect my mood and how to dress lol! Hot outside but cold inside with the a/c on.

  10. Our weather seems to be usual as always but sometimes it was more humid. There was a lot more wildfires due to the heat.

  11. Weather here in Canada has been the usual but we had a lot more very hot days in a row & loved it. Summer is my favourite season. We were getting a lot of odd clouds & smog due to wildfires in a different province. We had fires & drought but it went away quick luckily. When the weather is different it doesn’t bother me but when it changes to Winter then I few more stuck inside.

  12. Yes, the weather affects me. I live in south Louisiana where we have really hot summers with high humidity. I always dread summertime. Just going to the grocery wears you out. Fortunately, it’s rained a lot this summer and it’s been cooler that normal.

  13. In typical midwest weather we can experience all 4 seasons in one week! I hate winter! It makes my whole body ache & can bring on depression. I don’t mind rain & storms, but when it is cold, dreary, & rainy for days on end can bring me down too. Heat & humidity can feel miserable, but I’d rather have the sunshine & warmth & be able to get outside & go places than the cold.

  14. Weather does affect me on how I feel. When we have many dark cloudy days I think I have what they call Saad. If the sun is out it seems that my attitude is a happy one. I do not like it when it is bitterly cold in the Winter and in the Summer I don’t like the humidity. I have COPD so it affects my breathing. Lately our weather has just been gorgeous and beautiful in the Northwoods.

  15. Our summer has been about like normal here in Mississippi but maybe with more rain than usual which has help.

  16. Weather always is a topic of conversation in Minnesota. Our snowy landscapes are beautiful, but bring with them cold and blizzards. My part of Minnesota is almost always windy, no matter the season. Our area has hosted the national windsurfing championship several times. Summers are sweet, but with hot humid conditions that can reach above 100 degrees. The saying goes, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes and the weather can change. Maybe not quite that fast, but we definitely have a wide range of weather throughout the year. It keeps life interesting.

  17. Definitely a “weather affected” girl here! It was one hot summer in southern Ontario. It was very high humidity, but still very little rain. Can’t wait to feel a nice, cool breeze.

  18. It has not been the usual weather, it has been hotter then usual this year.

  19. We also had a cooler summer than usual. And by that I mean 118F vice 125F. But, it’s a dry heat… until about now. Our humidity is usually about 10-15%. Right now it is our annual “monsoon” season and the humidity has been 50-80%. Suffocating. Sometimes it rains, though, causing dancing in the street and flooding!! The only difference this year was that our “summer” started in April, almost a month earlier than usual. We don’t usually get triple-digits until sometime in May. We should start seeing cooler autumn weather in October. And by cooler for autumn, I mean 80-90F. What passes for winter here will start in late December. I might even break out my sweater.

    I don’t think I’m “weather affected”. The main effect of the summer weather is on my electric bill. 24 hour A/C for 6 months. I thank God that for this year’s summer I have solar panels. They cut my summer electric bills in half!!

  20. It’s been crazy hot and humid this summer…more than usual. The new book sounds very intriguing to me.

  21. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we experienced a “heat dome” in June. 112 degrees was the high temperature one day. We also had no measurable rainfall in July. The past couple of days are getting back to normal with a marine layer in the morning and highs in the 70’s. Thank goodness! We are not used to extremely hot weather here!

  22. Our summer in Alaska was a normal summer. Mid 60s with 70s-80s thrown in a few times. July although starts a rainy month was drier. August is making up for that so far. Too much rainy days affects my mood but sleeping only 4 hrs really affects me. I’m grouchy ?.

  23. Other than needing to find other things (projects) to do when it’s too hot, cold rainy, etc… The weather doesn’t bother me much. Of course there’s the allergies that I work around when certain seasons in bloom. But I’m pretty good for the most part.

  24. Our summer was hotter than ever. Almost no rain and drought conditions. Lots of smoke on a daily basis lately from fires in a neighboring state that are blowing our way. I usually don’t notice it so much, but this summer has been rough and it is definitely affecting my mood.

  25. Yes, I am affected by weather changes. I have fibromyalgia and when the weather changes from warm to cold and damp I am achy and sore. When the days are sunny and warm I may have some achiness, but I can move around pretty freely. This summer has been a bit unusual in that we have had humid days more often than in past summers. Also, having an early spring made us hope for a great summer but early on we had a hard frost which killed our tomato plants, and hail 3 days in a row did damage, too. Our carrots did not do well this year for some reason. I’m not sure why but I had to re-plant four times!!

  26. I have seasonal affective disorder so the weather does affect my well-being. I also find that overcast damp weater brought on by low pressure zones affect my fibromyalgia. So this hot dry summer was good for me. If the smoke wasn’t so bad in Manitoba at times they had to recommend smoke advisories which said those with asthma had to stay indoors, it would have been great. We had the driest weather on record.
    Linda in Winnipeg

  27. Our summer this year has been more rainy. Yes I am a person that weather effects. If it is sunny I am good and have lots of energy. When it gets cloudy I struggle

  28. Our weather this summer has been so different!
    I live in SoCal and it didn’t get as hot as it usually does. This did cause our vegetavoe garden to not produce as they normally would.
    It has also been much more humid.
    Having a distance learning year and a not so hot summer sounds about right.
    The kids were disappointed we weren’t able to use the plastic pool this summer as we previously have.
    Chalk up 2021 next to 2020 as an odd year!

  29. We had a cooler summer, we had some hot days very hot days but on a whole it was cooler than average. Autumn went longer and was probably a little warmer than normal and winter well its been above average most of the time with a couple of colder weeks but on a hole its been a very mild winter and quite wet. It almost feels like early spring.

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