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  1. Freshwater availability so that I can take long showers. But I am sick of winter so I would love to go somewhere where there are spring/call vibes. That or somewhere tropical.

  2. Well, it’s dark outside at the moment , since it’s nighttime, but in the day, it’s beautiful! My husband and I live out in the country (Little Springs community) in SW Mississippi. There are lots of trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers in the yard. I’ve already been blessed with flowers to make a bouquet for table. We are living in my mother-in-law’s house, which is very old, but very comfortable and loving. She passed away in 2018, but her sweet memories will always remain. Wonderful woman!! Our countryside is so peaceful and quiet too. Well, most of the time. LOL. I’ve said I would love to move back to Florida one day, but I think visiting will suffice. I’m very happy with where I’m at!!!

  3. I love most everything about Connecticut (except the high costs). What I love about it is we are in the country and it is quiet and peaceful but, in two hours time we can be in either NYC or Boston. The 4 seasons are great so we can experience nature at its finest. We have mountains and fields, beach and lakes. We have a bit of it all. Hiking is possible 12 months out of the year so the doggies can run and run.

  4. I don’t live anywhere near where I want to, but if ever I have the chance, I’ll go to one of these places:

    – Jim Thorpe in NE Pennsylvania. I lived near there for several summers, and it’s a fantastic area! The town looks like Switzerland and is full of cute shops. It’s very picturesque. The surrounding area has a huge state park and is very rural with mountains, waterfalls, lakes, resorts, and lots to do and explore. I love it there.

    – Big Chebeague Island in Maine. This tiny island just became it’s own town a few years ago, but it’s been around for a long time. Its fairly small, with a tiny post office, a general store, houses of all kinds, and can only be reached by ferry. The cars on the island don’t have license plates – where are they going to go? It’s super quaint. It’s the home of an exclusive inn from the 1920s that recently had a facelift and is gorgeous. There’s also a golf course on the water and private beaches. I’d live there – or at least visit often – if I could. When we visited a few years ago, one kind woman actually gave us her vehicle to use for the day because the ride we’d hired didn’t show. Everyone I’ve ever met there has been super nice.

  5. There are so many things I like about where I live – Santa Fe, New Mexico: biscochitos (cookies), green chile, the fact that in almost any place in town, you have a view of the mountains on at least one side (the city’s surrounded by mountains on three sides), a large and vibrant arts community and over 300 art galleries and museums, Frito Pie, the mix of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American cultures, sustainability, amazing local food, and almost every day is sunny – even on a cold, snowy day!

  6. Although living outside of “Sin City” isn’t the best environment for most folks – although we don’t indulge or go near the Strip unless friends threaten us and drag us to dinner somewhere – we love the weather here. I know, I know, the desert is REALLY hot in the summer and with more and more folks moving in, we are running short of water BUT… For all intents and purposes, we don’t have many natural disasters. I am originally from New England (born in a gale snowstorm, truly!) and have lived over 30 years in the cold and snow and ice, etc.; have lived thru hurricanes; tornadoes; humidity!! All of the previous comments apply to where I lived in the South, too. I’ve lived in CA and let me just say: earthquakes! Fires! Hooboy. Here? We rarely get any of Mother Nature’s temper tantrums nor do we see a lot of fires – thank your favorite diety. Lots of stucco and tile and rock here so no forests, etc. But if I had my druthers, I’d move back to Northern California in a New York minute. 🙂

  7. I love that I live in the country. It is quiet and peaceful. The sunrise over the treetops across the field is amazing, as is the sunset. The smell of fresh cut hay, the sound of cattle and the sound of songbirds sitting on my porch.
    I live close enough to town to have the conveniences of town without the crowds and noise.
    But the best part is that I live just across the field from my mom.

  8. I lived in ca in a city called san mateo for 20 years and also lived around there for many years. I was born in san mateo but things changed and i went to foster homes finally one in kings mountain. Then when i married we bought a house in san mateo and raised 3 kids then my hubby passed. Well then i met a guy in ia. his ex-mother in law had come out to the bay area to visit someone i was great friends with and then after she was my pen pal for many years talking about her ex-son- in law well i met him in 2003 we dated as i flew back and forth and we fell in love it was love at first site. So he came to ca and got married in reno and then packed all my things and none of my kids wanted to come. Well i have been living in the house that we built due to me being severely disabled and it is perfect for me no stairs and easy to do everything. I have RSD and have been battling for 35 yrs dr when i met him 7 yrs ago said that i had not long to live and i am still living. I think god has a hand in that and i have been very blessed. Well since leaving my family and moving where people don’t like ones that are from Ca it isn’;t easy. I have been asked to leave 3 groups as I as they stated was to loud just like a normal californian and also i was disabled fingers are severely crippled so can only read and review print books . I so miss really miss my family in Ca all of them excl my daughter all have been calling me and i send cards all the time. My grandkids there are several more than when i left there was one. Now there are 5 and i miss the ocean,the wharf and the aquariam and also the bridges that are so pretty when in Ca i never was asked to leave any group for being loud as we are loud and speak our mind. Oh no i take that back i did want to join a group that when someone dies the remaining person asks for a friend they said i was not for the grieving then went to social services and volunteered there for 10 years and i loved it until i could no longer do all of the work on the computer. I was volunteer of the year for the entire bay area and that was so thrilling as i shared the beautiful piece of glass with all of my kids that were my clients and they were all like me when i was their age. I was a foster child in an abusive foster home very abusive and i found many foster homes like that so i moved the kids to ones that were wonderful. Anyway i do miss san mateo 20 miles south of san fran 10 min south of the airport and just 30 min from half moon bay where i went to school until 10th grade. I dearly miss the family especially at holidays and the grandkids start in anderson,ca to oakland, ca to mountain view so visiting them is really hard but this year i plan to see them all. In san mateo the average temps are 70 degrees and the people are just so nice things have changed very much since i lived there but the ocean is still where it is when i left!

  9. My view outside our living room window is a bit obstructed. I used to be able to see more but I guess our bushes are grown taller plus two figs bush/trees on one end have grown all the way up to the porch roof. There are no leaves on now so I can see through that part but not the bushes. When the leaves are on the fig bush/trees, it blocks view and sun so it does keep the living room cooler on this end even though we can’t see anything but the tree. They were originally planted out in the yard but they about froze and died so my husband planted them next to the house. Some of the branches reach in under the porch. It’s sort of cool. I love being out in nature hiking, walking, or biking, so I love where we live because there are a lot of places around that we can go do those things. Living near mountains is great!

  10. I live in one of the most popular tourist attractions Niagara Falls! We love living here, especially since we are close to the States and it’s easy to drive around, since population is only 80,000. It’s got many wonderful attractions here, the Bird Kingdom, the Butterfly Conservatory, Marineland, numerous “rides” downtown and of course The Falls! There’s Dufferin Island which is free, to hike, picnic and bird watch, lots of ducks and geese to photograph and feed. Free outdoor pools in the summer, so what’s not to like here!

  11. I enjoy where I live which is close to chocolate town USA and Amish country. We have four seasons and I enjoy spring and fall the most. I would not change a thing.

  12. Outside my window I see palm trees and sunshine. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and love the sand, sun and surf.

  13. There’s a little bit of snow outside my window.
    I enjoy living in Iowa because we have 4 seasons and most everyone is nice.

  14. No. I would rather live in a home where I had happy families (people/care givers) around me that could care for each other and in a nice warm climate like San Diego, yet without any cars. There are still places that I would still like to see. I would like to go back to Europe and see several of the countries that I didn’t get to along with more of the ones that I did see.
    Did you get this much of a book from any of the others?

  15. I love where I live out in the country & near a small walking town. It’s right on a river & my husband & I met camping a few minutes away from where we live as kids. I only wish we could have our dream home built right here. It’s very expensive to buy land here.

  16. I would like to live in the mountains of West Virginia. The beauty of the mountains, the sounds of nature, the feeling of being in God’s creation. Waking up to the wonder and beauty of the mountains. You may want to think about having a quiet stream run close to the house so the sound of the water on the rocks as the person goes to sleep. The animals of deer, raccoon, squirrels, rabbits and of course dogs.

  17. I don’t HATE where I live now (SC) but, I have always wanted to live in the Smokey Mountains. I just love the Blue Ridge area of North Carolina. We vacation there a lot and I would love to one day have a home among the mountains with a creek running through the property. Even the air there seems to be clearer and is conducive to a healthy, laid back lifestyle.

  18. I love living in Springfield, Oregon where the people are so friendly and it feels like home. I volunteer at the Springfield Public Library where the staff is so thankful for the volunteers. The staff are very friendly and make the volunteers feel like we are part of the family.
    Springfield is close to Eugene, Oregon and half way between the coast and the mountains. Along the coast you can go beach combing, look for glass floats, fishing, crabbing and even an aquarium. In the mountains there are several ski areas which are getting records amounts of snow this year. We have even had snow where I live on the Valley (Willamette) floor. Surprise!
    It is fun to go to the malls and people watch. I really feel at home in Springfield, Oregon.

  19. I live in southern New Jersey & like it because we are close to the ocean & also not far from the city of Philadelphia. Traveling just a few hours in any direction can bring you to different & interesting places.

  20. I live in a town that is adjacent to a military post. I moved to the town, to be closer to the post where I worked. I am retired now but I love this town, we were named the most patriotic town in Alabama. We have a really nice art museum, a really well run live theater arts run by a great director “Ms Benson”, we have a beautiful lake with walking trails, etc. We have really good food in our different local places to eat. It is close enough to our state Capital, the beaches along the Florida panhandle, and my home town is only 30 miles from my home in Ozark, Alabama. If I could live anywhere else I would choose to live in the Smokey Mountains or by the beach in florida.

  21. I live in Lancaster, California.
    I’m hoping to leave here and move to Florida. I lived in Tampa years ago absolutely loved it there. I miss rain and thunderstorms, 4 seasons and a lot more to do than where I am now

  22. I live in a small town called Social Circle, in Georgia. The neighbors are friendly and will offer a helping hand when you need it! We own 28 acres of wooded land, which we gave a five acre plot to our youngest son to build on, with his wife and daughter. We have a small lake just below our house on the back side. The granddaughter’s (which we have three of), love to come over and fish in it, along with boyfriends.
    I’ve always loved being out in the country ever since I was a young girl. I was raised in Homestead, Florida most of my young life. Had a railroad track that ran behind our house that all us kids and neighbors kids, thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread! I’m one of nine children my mother and dad had. So we had each other to play with when no one else was around. I’m the oldest girl, so I was in charge of everyone under me! Have two older brother’s and a sister that passed away when I was a baby. Since we had such a large family, we always wound up buying a house with a lot of property out in the country side. Still love living out in the country!

  23. We currently live in Greenwood, Indiana. It doesn’t get a lot of snow in winter. It gets very hot and windy in summer. We moved here to be close to my mother-in-law, a widow and currently 92 and nearly blind and our son’s family.
    Our favorite place to live was in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were close to Garden of the Gods, 7 Falls (waterfalls) mountain ranges, beautiful scenery and weather. It is truly God’s country anywhere you drive on the west side of the state. By contrast, the east side is flat.

  24. I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I love living here. We are a great sports city with fantastic fans and I love football and hockey. We have museums and festivals in the city and the suburbs. We are a very diverse community and large community but when any type of tragedy strikes we all pull together and are there for each other. We have our own dialect and apparently and accent as well. We also have wedding cookie tables here.

  25. Hi Lyn! I live in a resort town in SW Michigan with many sandy beaches, a state park, independent stores, local farms, vineyards, locally owned restaurant, a bookstore, several great libraries, excellent public schools, a local hospital, local owned grocery stories, community college, children’s museum, art museum, and more. My town is directly across Lake Michigan from Chicago, which can be accessed by train. While our town and beaches are often overrun by tourists in the summer, spring and fall are my favorite seasons. Fall with a neighborhood pumpkin patch, many varieties of apples, and the delicious aroma of Welch’s grapes (we are mentioned on their website). Small town living at its finest. While I have lived in seven different cities in two states (Michigan and Illinois – lived in the Chicago area during the 1980s), family has lived in our community for 70 years.

  26. I live out in the middle of nowhere in Western Wisconsin. It’s 6 miles into town that boasts 2 bars and a library! I love living in the county, looking out over the fields, watching the crops grow and snow blanket everything in the winter. We have eagles in the area that sometimes visit. I like winter, snuggling under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a good story. It’s peaceful and comforting and my husband and I are very content.

  27. I live in Storrs Mansfield, CT and I love it here. I am originally from CT, left for 15 years out of state for work and came home about 4 years ago. Storrs is home to the University of Connecticut and I live across the street. Storrs is a walking community, full of arts and learning. I love the four seasons – especially winter.

  28. We live in the country in northern Indiana, halfway between 2 small towns. And fairly close to big city South. End. I love the quiet, but also close enough for shopping or culture. The best of all worlds, and close to family, too. Thanks for the chance.

  29. I grew up Williamstown, Ontario, Canada. It’s a pretty village with friendly people and lovely homes. A place where you know everyone greeting each other when passing on the street. Growing up as kids we made our own fun. We swam and fished in the river behind our house, in winter it was skating, sliding. A place that when you need help, your neighbour is there for you. Love the history that this small village holds. It holds the oldest continuing agricultural fair in Canada which is over 200 years old, it’s a great time for kid and adults alike. There are many historic buildings in the village, one being the Sir John Johnson Manor House the oldest in Upper Canada. I am proud of the historical connections past residents who were important individuals in this country’s development. Although I only now live 20 minutes away, Williamstown holds my heart.

  30. We are originally from western Washington state. My husband and I grew up in the area and met in college. We love our home in Enumclaw and bought the home close to 30 years ago, with the idea of living out our retirement there. We are about an hour from Crystal Mt. Ski resort (where we even worked for a few seasons when our son was a teenager, he worked in a restaurant, my husband was a ski instructor and I worked in the childcare/ski school facility). We love the small town atmosphere but are also close enough to Seattle (1 hr away from ferry rides, shopping, museums) or the beach (about 2 hrs away. About 7 years ago (2 yrs into our retirement) we found a condo in a small quirky town in Nevada, called Pahrump, about an hour away from Las Vegas. We are also about an hour away from Death Valley. So many adventures! We bounce back and forth between our two homes, usually driving ,making the road trip just another adventure!

  31. I live in Rockland, Maine (originally from upstate NY) and love it. Although we are technically a city, it’s a small one and feels more like a good size town. It’s beautiful here on the ocean, but there are also nearby mountains and lakes. There’s an active arts community with museums and galleries, but there are all of the local lobstermen (female AND male), and working class community. It’s a wonderful mix with a tremendous influx during the Summer months. All of the quaint little harbors and villages are so charming! It is friendly to different races and genders, and I feel very safe walking around at night. My office is right on the water, and home is nearby. Can hear the fog horn and see the mysterious mists from my window. I’m not a fan of snow and cold weather, but it is much milder on the coast than inland. Although I contemplate a move back to NY to be near family, I’ve been here 15 years and truly love it.

  32. I live in Granbury, TX and Granbury Lake is right outside the livingroom about 12 feet away. That is the only reason I like it here. I would prefer to move to Florida not far from the ocean, where the weather is warmer. My husband and I below don’t like cold weather. He never has and he was raised in Northern Indiana where it snows every winter, I wasn’t raised around snow and although I love to watch it snow, my old bone can not take the cold anymore.

  33. Right now we live on the edge of a small town in Northern Indiana. The town is on the one side but if we look out the living room window, we can see the country side. That is my favorite side since I grew up on the small family farm in Wyoming. I love the country because of the quietness of the world around me. There is no life like it.

  34. I live in Phoenix.. love the cooler winter temps & no snow,summers are getting hotter sooner ,so not a fan of that .. I am hoping to be moving to a small town out of the city,maybe closer to my brother & nephew out of state..

  35. I live in South Carolina on a farm and I like it cause it’s quiet and peacful and freer from the outside community trubles (simpler). Personally I’d rather live in Pre Regancy times though I know their not really easier or necessarily simpler times; maybe their less Modern day stressful and more down to earth. Sounds odd doesn’t it. I don’t live in an illusion or anything. I guess it’s like they say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

  36. I’ve always wanted to live in the mountains. We have been trying to find a house so we could move up to the north Georgia mountains, but so far haven’t found what we’re looking for. We actually put offers on two houses. House one was on the side of a mountain so had a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Just standing on that porch, I could feel the stresses of the day sliding off me. It was just so peaceful! The second house was IN the mountains, but didn’t have a mountain view. To get to it, you drove down a windy, paved one-lane road, then crossed a one-land bridge across a stream, turned onto a windy one-way gravel road road, then finally turned into the paved driveway. The house was on the side of the mountain and had a primary trout stream at the bottom of the property, and there was 15 acres of no houses in the surrounding area. You could hear the stream from the house and felt like you were the only person in the world because of the location. It was very peaceful and calming, and the stream made up for not having a view.

  37. I live just outside a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We have all we need and more, views, room, FRESH air. Working on projects to stay busy in retirement ( hopefully soon)

  38. I currently live in a rural area. I can sit at my desk and look out across a field, to a highway below me and then to another field and woods. It is beautiful in all seasons but I think fall is my favorite. Wish I could post a picture. If I couldn’t live here, my next perfect place would be Myrtle Beach SC. I love the ocean.

  39. Well currently we are living between two homes one in town in
    Indiana but our retirement house is Kentucky.
    That is where I am now where it is raining again.
    I love the peace and quiet here where I’ve always
    wanted to live only it’s about 40 years too late now.
    Instead of a mini farm I’ll have to settle for flowers
    and watching the deer. We had 15 does and one
    young buck stroll along the edge of our woods
    and yard 2 days ago. So far they haven’t eaten anything
    out of our yard, but it may be coming. We are only
    5 minutes from Walmart And Kroger so nice to be
    secluded but still have conveniences nearby.

  40. I live in northeastern Pennsylvania. We have wonderful mountains, old growth forests, lots of creeks with waterfalls, and, best of all, we have all four seasons. My personal favorite season is Autumn, and it is truly gorgeous here with the leaves changed to so many hues and the mountains looking like knitted afghans. We considered moving in our retirement and seriously looked around, but I decided that I would rather visit other places and stay right here.

  41. I live in a manufactured home community in FL near Daytona where there is so much fun things to do. Don’t want to live anywhere else ever.

  42. I live in Gainesville, Fl. A univeristy town always has something going on so is full of possible outings. We are also close to lakes and both coasts so water can always be part of the picture!

  43. I live in Defuniak Springs, Florida about thirty miles from the worlds most beautiful beaches. The sand is so white it is almost blinding on a really bright day. If I were ever leave the Florida panhandle I would move to the North Carolina mountains, perhaps Waynesville. A beautiful town especially in the fall.

  44. I would love to live near the ocean. The sound of the waves is just so soothing. Right now I live on 3 acres in a desert community. It’s not bad really but no waves ?

  45. We live in an ocean front condo and just love it. I grew up in a beachfront home in Puerto Rico, and it’s like being back home 🙂

  46. It is raining outside my window. I would like to live near a lake or the ocean. A creek or stream would be fine. Just like the sound of water near the woods . Lived near the ocean once so maybe the mountains for a change

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