Lyn Reviews Martin Davies’ Mrs. Hudson and the Lazarus Testament

Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament (A Sherlock Holmes & Mrs Hudson Mystery #3)Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament by Martin Davies
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WELL WRITTEN and with the authentic voice of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. (Not the original which I have read but with the flavor of all the PBS TV movie versions). The idea of Mrs. Hudson being as clever as Holmes but with a different milieu of contacts is clever. And very believable. She’s a great housekeeper and astute observer. The story of the existence of a testament written by Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead is intriguing in itself. Most of us are curious about the next life which may be more “real” than this one. And one can’t overlook Flotsam or “Flotty,” Mrs. Hudson’s young assistant, who has the uncanny knack of catching hints and clues. Both females compliment Holmes and Watson. This was a great read! I highly recommend it to Holmes devotees and anyone who enjoys a 19th century British mystery. YES!

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