A Poem by Reader Virginia Archer

Here’s a poem by a reader of this blog. I thought this was very descriptive and meaningful. Enjoy!–Lyn

The Many Voices Of God

In the darkest hour of night
with no one else around,
a lone chirping cricket
creates the only sound.

No, wait…  listen closely…
I can hear a ticking clock
…it can be a real comfort…
that steady Tick…Tock!

Do you hear the rhythm?
Like the sound of a beating heart,
the steady swinging pendulum
keeps my courage from coming apart!

Now in the nearby woods
I hear the yipping song of coyotes*
…there’s probably only two or three,
but it sounds like a dozen throats!

Listen!   I hear other voices
…there’s a hoot owl…now, a frog!
And, even farther away, there’s
the neighbor’s barking dog!

These remind me even now
I’m not really here alone
…even in the darkness of night,
God still sees me from His throne!

So even a chirping cricket
or the ticking of a clock,
can remind me of His presence
…proving alone…I am not!

And for even further evidence,
God has sent the night creatures’ songs!
All reminders that His children
are never, ever, ever, really alone!

Virginia Archer
*in my part of Texas that is pronounced ky-oat


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