What Images Inspired THE BABY BEQUEST & Its Cover — 6 Comments

  1. What was it like to live in a time where death happened more often than now to the young and healthy not just the old?

    I can’t imagine living in a time when death came so easily. Medicine is so advanced now that doctor’s can do almost anything. I CAN imagine that Faith was very strong back then. People relied more on their Creator and as a result had a much better relationship with Him.


  2. I think heart wounds take quite a bit of time to heal. I’m not even sure that they all do. I think some might never quite heal, but are something we learn to live with. If we depend on God to see us through life, then He will give us the strength we need.

  3. Yes, we have come to take it for granted that doctors will be able to help us. In that time you were often better staying AWAY from the doctor!

  4. Yes, I think they didn’t become hardened to death but it was so much more an everyday occurrence.

    I think that’s why they had so many mourning customs and things like mourning jewelry made from the deceased hair–which now we consider creepy.

  5. I don’t know who the actor is, so I will answer the question about death being so much more common back then. I think on one hand, people were probably not quite as shocked to hear that someone had died from a severe illness. I don’t mean that they weren’t upset or hurt about it, but that it was just a reality. It must have been extremely scary and terrifying to have these epidemics come through and be helpless to do anything but maybe help keep the person comfortable and hope they pull through.

  6. I think it would have been very hard to live in a time where death was a real possibility at all times. Illness and injury were always a possibility, especially on the frontier or in small towns. The medical knowledge, facilities and availability were all limited. We have a hard time, knowing what we know now, remembering how hard it was back then.

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