A Reader’s Tribute to Her Mother

Hey! Today I have something special to share, a reader Virginia Archer sent me a poem she’d written as a tribute to her mother. Here it is:
I wrote this poem for my Mama.
Hope you enjoy it.
Virginia Archer
For Mama
She was the daughter of a poor dirt farmer,
….even so, she had her dreams.
She dreamed of having a loving family
…and they came true, it seems!
She fell in love with the farmer next door
and her dreams were now coming true.
Married just a year, the first baby came,
and she could hardly wait for number two!
Over the next seventeen years
…each one welcomed with joy…
there were nine more babies,
…four girls and six boys!
When people asked, ‘Why so many?’,
she’d just smile in her secret way,
knowing she had a heart full of love
just waiting to be given away!
Times were hard…I mean really hard,
but eventually the time would come,
when they’d find just the right place,
then knew they were finally home.
Yes, she was the daughter of a poor dirt farmer,
but all along she knew…

even the dreams of a dirt farmer’s daughter,

really can come true!

Virginia Archer
04 -12
What a lovely poem. Thanks fyou for sharing, Virginia.
Do any of you have someone you’d like to thank publicly? If so, please email me your tribute or thanks (doesn’t have to be poem or fancy, just speak from your heart) to l(dot)cote(at)juno(dot)com and I’ll post them on Thursday May 24th on this blog.
Question for you: Is there anybody you wished you’d thanked and didn’t? Take this opportunity to thank them in a comment today.–Lyn

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7 Responses to A Reader’s Tribute to Her Mother

  1. Becky Ward says:

    What a beautiful poem, Virginia! I never had asked my mom what her dreams were, but she seem to had a very satisfy life. Even to this day living on her own for the most part except for needing someone to be with her these past 2 to 3 years for medical reasons she seems to be enjoying life.

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks for your comment, Becky.
      I think women of Mama’s generation didn’t go about talking about their dreams…they just got busy and made them come true! At least that was the case with MY Mama!

  2. Susan F. says:

    It’s a beautiful poem. My Mama is the daughter of a truck garden farmer (among other things). Her Dad died when she was a child leaving her Mom to raise the youngest of her 9 children alone. Mom always spoke lovingly of her Mom who passed away before I was born. This poem brings back many memories.

    • StrongWomen says:

      Thanks for sharing, Susan F. The poem tells the story of a strong woman like so many of our mothers.

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks , Susan F.
      Both of Mama’s parents died before I was born, so I, too missed having grandparents. But with all my siblings, I didn’t realize what I was missing til I was grown.
      I still live on that ‘dirt farm’!
      Blessings to you,

  3. Virginia says:

    Thanks, Lyn. It looks good to have my poem in print. Hope reading it will renew fond memories of their Mamas for others . Looking forward to reading their comments.

    • StrongWomen says:

      Virginia, Thanks for sharing. Many will read your poem in the next few days. 🙂