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  1. I have just received your book THe Outsider but have not read it yet. I did not realize that it is the last of a series. I am new to your writing and look forward to reading your books.

    Thank you

  2. I just checked my email & had a note from Ann Gabhart… I won!! Thank you so much — I can’t wait for it to arrive. 😎

  3. Sylvia, I’m sure you are a mom & grandmom all your kids love. And what a good daughter you were to support your mom through her fearful storm times. Sometimes we forget that moms are people too and need some hugs given to them the same as giving out those hugs. Thanks you for reading my books. I’m actually writing about a thunderstorm right now in my work in progress.

  4. That would be a great gift for your mom-in-law, Barbara Ann. I wish I could give everybody a copy, but I’ll have to let the luck of the draw pick. Thank you so much for reading my books. And tell your mother-in-law thanks too. For the books, of course, but also for sharing her son with you. 🙂

  5. Tell Patricia thanks for me too, Janice. Word of mouth is the best advertising a writer can get. So glad you are enjoying my stories.

  6. Aw, Connie, what nice things to say. I had fun visiting your library. Kentucky has some very nice libraries and book loving people working in them. Everything hasn’t gone digital yet. Books are still reaching out to people. My kids had so much fun going to the library to get books when they were little. Now my grandkids go. Writing the story for the dog book was fun, but then I am definitely a dog person.

  7. I love Anns’ books and can never get a new one fast enough, and I agree, my Mom would have fit right in with yours as well, strong, ever faithful, teaching us right from wrong,giving us all the love and kindness,and she made us what we all became, through her patience and guidance and what I’d give to sit again with her through a thunderstorm,when I visited her one evening during a storm I realized just how much she disliked them, and made sure she was never alone during a storm again, and yes Ann I hope my kids, grand kids and great grand kids will say they all love me too ! As I sure love all of them, God Bless

  8. I’ve read Ann’s first three in the series. My mother-in-law has them and loaned them to me. Wouldn’t it be nice to give her the autographed copy if I won?

  9. Ann has become a favorite author in our Kentucky library and she has visited here twice: she was one of the authors at our 1st ever Book Fair and then she came back for a book talk last summer. Be assured that she has the same values she writes about and is as unassuming as the heroines she introduces in her novels.
    She certainly deserves all of the success she is experiencing right now. By the way, she has a wonderful entry in another book that has been recently published “The Dog Next Door” and it is a wonderful story of her love for dogs and the sacrifice her husband made for her.

  10. I have just started reading your books and I love them. I don’t know what took me so long to find you. Thanks to Patricia I did. I would love to add The Blessed to my collection.

  11. I so look forward to reading “The Blessed”. I love your writing and have read several of your books and really enjoy the Shaker books. I also loved “Angel Sister”. Keep up the good works.

  12. I’m thinking a lot of our moms were Lacey kind of women, Margie. I know my mom worked hard and loved us so much. I hope my kids would say the same.

  13. I believe my Mom is a “Lacey” kind of woman!!! This sounds like another great read!!

  14. What a great comment, Staci! So nice of you to come over and visit Lyn’s great Strong Women, Brave Stories blog. And you’re right about the Shaker village being a great place to visit. It radiates peace and quiet now, but I still say it must have been a busy and somewhat noisy place in its heyday with all the building and farming and crafts making and the main road going right down the middle of it.

  15. Thanks for the adding your comment, Jana. Appreciate your reading support and I hope to be able to keep writing for a long time.

  16. Jill, you certainly have the right idea. Everyone has challenges and that’s why we like to read about characters who meet those challenges with that faith and determination yiou’re talking about.

  17. I love Ann’s books. Life was so different back in Shaker days, but it can be so appropriate for us to look at the hardships others have endured as we seek to forge our own paths. The way Ann weaves scripture and hope into even a seemingly hopeless situation is inspiring for anyone struggling with their own day to day issues. I found myself clinging to the scriptures along with Lacey and being reminded that I should do always do this in my own life. We sometimes forget that we can do this. Scripture is meant to be held in our hearts and minds, to encourage us when we need it and to help us live in a world that is not our own. Lacey knew this and it helped her. Reading her story helped me. What a blessing!
    Shaker Village is an exceptionally beautiful place. I love visiting there. It has helped me feel like I was living Ann’s books along with her characters.
    I already have the book so please don’t enter me in the drawing. I hope someone enjoys this books and decides to read Ann’s other stories where each woman discovers her own strength as she relies on the scriptures.

  18. Thanks for coming over to comment, Rose. And I’m like you. I enjoy reading books about women who live their lives with courage and faith.

  19. It’s funny, Victoria, how we make great efforts to see sights faraway, but often don’t go visit those places nearby. Hope you will go enjoy a day at the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. It’s a lovely place. So glad your book club enjoyed Angel Sister.

  20. I love Ann’s books and Lyn’s. They feature strong women just like their authors! Don’t enter me in the drawing since I already have a copy. And Lyn, I plan to come back when I have time to start the serial novel you have on here!

  21. Hi Ann, I live so close to Shaker Village but I haven’t visited . . . yet! I want to check it out along with your Shaker books. “Angel Sister” was a great read for our local book club 🙂

  22. The Shakers were a very unique and interesting group of people. I hope you’ll enjoy finding out more about them in my Shaker books. In spite of the Shakers not believing in romantic love, I managed to write in some romance, but there’s also a lot of Shaker history.

  23. I have not read any books with the Shaker stories. I have found their choices as in life style so interesting. I look forward to reading these books!

  24. Lacey has a lot of problems to overcome. Can’t wait to read it and see how she does it!

  25. I have read many of Ann’s books. She is a terrific writer who makes the reader want to keep reading after just a page or two. Her books are always in the hard to put down category. Keep writing Ann.

  26. Oh This character Lacey, sounds really great and I love the way you looked at the lives of women in the Bible. I am going to be looking for this book as her story has to be a great one. I would appreciate being added to the group for a possible win of one of your books. thanks for sharing.
    Paula O (

  27. No matter what generation or culture we are part of there is always going to be challenges facing us but with our faith and determination we will be able to rise to anything that comes our way!

    Sounds like a Great Read! Thanks for sharing.

  28. I know what you mean, Juanita. I have so many books I want to read. I think the ideal vacation would be a week in a remote mountain cabin with a stack of books – and a jar of peanut butter, maybe. Oh, and I’ll have to have some tea. But I guess both of us better keep working. You so you can buy some of those books, and me so I can put some of those books out there on the shelves to entice your reading eyes.

  29. Thank you so much for reading my Shaker books, Judy. I do appreciate every one of my reading friends. I’m glad you liked my post about Lacey.

  30. My book isn’t exactly Amish. The Shakers weren’t much like the Amish except perhaps their belief in simple living. But it is fascinating to try to step back into their village and see how they were thinking during this oddest period of their history.

  31. Liz, my characters and I don’t always agree as to the best way to handle something. For sure, women didn’t have the same choices in the eighteen hundreds that we do now. And who hasn’t made some bad choices now and again? Characters do all the time. That’s what makes for good conflict in fiction. And Lacey does turn out to be a very strong woman.

  32. Would love to win this book. Since learning about all of the Christian authors in the last two years, I am so amazed there are so many. I need to quit work and read read read to get them all, and then wouldn’t be able to. But if I keep working can buy more books, lol. Juanita W

  33. Loved the post by Ann. I have read several of her books and loved each one. I would love to win a copy of, The Blessed.

    Thanks for the giveaway and God Bless!


  34. Earth-shaking faith, exactly what’s needed when your world is shaking as happens all too often. Hope many will find real encouragement in your fiction.

  35. Thinking out loud, as I am new to this. Listening to understand in order to do God’s will is the goal. If something feels wrong to the core, perhaps it is time to listen harder. I say this, of course, notwithstanding my continued efforts to make the world rational–as I perceive the rational–and with no idea of the circumstances forced upon Lacey.

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