Author Camy Tang & Her Family Recipe for Won Ton

I featured Author Camy Tang’s latest Love Inspired Suspense on Monday and today she’s sharing her mother’s recipe. I am definitely going to try it. Here it is:

Deep Fried Won Ton appetizers

I love most deep fried foods, but this is a special favorite because my mom would make these for the family for special occasions. So when the Grant family has a family get together in my book, DEADLY INTENT, I naturally had to include these yummy treats!

This recipe isn’t exactly Mom’s—that’s “top secret”—but it’s close enough.

1 cup ground pork or chicken

1 (5 oz.) can water chestnuts, drained and minced

3-4 dried shiitake mushrooms

2 tsp. cornstarch

1-2 tbsp. soy sauce

1 package won ton “skins” (pasta squares, available in the refrigerated section of most groceries near the tofu)

In a bowl, soak mushrooms in boiling water. Let stand for 20 minutes. Remove mushrooms and mince.

Mix together pork, water chestnuts, mushrooms, cornstarch, salt, and soy sauce.

Put a little filling in the center of each won ton skin—not too much or the won ton will tear. Dip a finger in some of the mushroom water or regular water, and wet one top and one side edge of the square. Fold diagonally, and press the edges to seal.

Heat oil in a deep fryer. Fry the wontons a few at a time until brown.

My parents like eating these with spicy Chinese mustard, but just to warn you, it can be really hot!

I hope you enjoy this recipe and also my book, DEADLY INTENT!


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3 Responses to Author Camy Tang & Her Family Recipe for Won Ton

  1. Camy Tang says:

    Thanks for having me on your blog, Lyn! Jessiecue, let me know if you make the recipe!

  2. Edna says:

    Sorry I just don't like Asian food, I know a lot of my family love it, but I just can't aquire a taste for soy sauce.


  3. Jessiecue says:

    Sounds good! I loved the book though.