Author Carrie Turanksy & Her Brave Daughter — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sally and Cathy. It’s a comfort to know others are praying for Peter and Melissa and the their work in Sudan. I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  2. Carrie, your daughter is truly a “Gift from God”, a treasure. To serve the Lord in a place so far from home and so gracefully is lovely. I enjoyed Melissa’s blog, creating a vision of her new home. Her spirit comes through in her words and I know she and her husband will make a difference where they have been “planted”. Please know my prayers are with them. Dear Lyn, thank you for sharing.

  3. What a gift to have children so dedicated to serving the Lord by serving those in need. Inspiration! What a great example you found “close to home” for your heroine, Carrie!
    Thanks, Lyn, for sharing Carrie and Melissa’s story–blessings today!

  4. Hi Lyne, Rose and April, thanks for your comments and prayers for Melissa. She and her husband Peter are doing amazing work in a country that really needs medical care and community development. She told me today she is trying to be positive and present and look for the beauty in life even in the midst of suffering. I am so glad God is with her even in this challenging setting. The rains have started in that area of Sudan, which makes it cooler for them, and that’s a blessing.
    Happy reading,

  5. Your daughter sure is courageous to be over in Sudan. I’ll pray for you.

  6. Great post.I am sure your daughter is amazing.To be in Sudan at this time.
    This Mega May Basket is getting bigger and bigger.”Surrendered Hearts” sound great.I put it on my TBR list.Melissa and Peter you guys are on my prayer list and keep up the good works.God Bless….

  7. Ah, the writing apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Beautiful description of Sudan. What is amazing to me is that Melissa was able to see the beauty after a very long flight. She is a treasure and Carrie should be proud in the purest sense of the word. Thanks for posting this, Lyn.

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