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  1. I first learned of Amy Carmichael many years ago and have collected her devotional books wherever I have found them. I am also a huge admirer of Gladys Aylward…The Small Woman….who did great and mighty things for children in China. I am an avid reader and the diversity on my bookshelves speaks for itself!!! I love reading about strong and courageous women no matter where the setting is!! God may have created us as a weaker vessel, but He gave us great strength.

  2. Great blog post! I’ve always been fascinated by missions in India. When I first learned about Amy Carmichael during a history lecture at my Christian school, I found one of my foremost rolemodels for life. I’ve cherished anything about India and her since.
    I would love to win a copy of this wonderful- sounding book! Thanks so much for this giveaway! I definatly think the daughter incident was a awesome God thing 😉
    Christine, I know your book is going to be amazing! The cover is amazing, btw! If you’d ever be interested in doing a interview on my blog, Page by Paige, I’d love it!!

  3. This is what I love about blogging! I’ve never met anybody else who even knew who Amy Carmichael was!

  4. I’m a big fan of Amy Carmicheal’s writing as well. In fact I was born not far from where Amy was born. She was from Northern Ireland like I am. She too is such a heroine, in the way she went about also rescuing children from terrible situations in the Hindu temples. Remember how she used to hate having brown eyes, and then realized that as she dressed up as an Indian in order to rescue the children, that her brown eyes were perfect.

  5. Hi Connie, I would be so thrilled to have my book in your library in Kentucky. What an honor that would be. And I hope that readers will be blessed while reading it, to see the redemptive hand of God. That’s very much what the story is about.

  6. It’s hard to know sometimes what is all God’s plan. But sometimes nice things happen, and I think it’s safe to embrace them as a kindness from God. It’s encouraging anyway.

  7. I have read her biography and have a number of her devotional books. She was a truly amazing woman!!!

  8. What an incredibly amazing story of God’s love, redemption, and restoration!! I am a big fan of Amy Carmichael’s writing, and I know this novel will be a wonderful read. Please enter me for a chance to win! I am adding Shadowed In Silk to my wishlist right now.

  9. Lyn asked if it was a coincidence or a Godincidence. I certainly believe that all happenings have God’s hand in them, if we will trust, believe and let HIM lead.
    Christine, I found your story through Ann Gabharts’ blog and I want to send you congratulations and best wishes on the publication of your new book. I am a public librarian in Kentucky and I will certainly add your title to our inspirational collection.

  10. Thank you Julie and Ann for your so encouraging comments. It is an exciting time to at last see this labor of my heart released. I have yet to hold the actual printed book in my hands. That will come closer to September. But it is true that God has done some amazing things for me. There is so much to praise Him for.

    And thank you Lyn for having me as a guest today, giving me a chancea to share some of those lovely gifts from God.

    Like I say, it’s no wonder we write. We all want so much to just show how awesome our God is.

  11. Would love to have Shadowed in Silk and share w/ friend. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I struggle w/ accepting all things are part of God’s plan but, if so, God-incidence.

  12. Congratulations, Christine, on your first book. And how truly special to have your daughter as the model for the cover! That has to make holding that first published book in your hands even more exciting. Thank you for sharing your story of how God walked with you through some sad valleys and how He continues to bless you now. I think you should write your story of you and your daughter for Guideposts.

    I don’t want to put my name into the hat for the drawing to give your other new readers more chance to win. But I did want to tell you I enjoyed reading your story and wish you much success with your new book.


  13. What a wonderful story of Godincidence! Can’t wait to read your book. Sounds wonderful.

    Blessings to you as your creation goes into the world and lands in our hands.

    Peace, Julie

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