Author Lorena McCourtney & Hanging On in Tough Times — 9 Comments

  1. This book sounded soooo good I just had to buy a Kindle copy. I’ve always loved Lorena’s stories. And now I’m off to go read it.


    Debra Ullrick

  2. Lorena and Lyn, I really appreciate this interview. I am at a point in life where I hope I’m followings God’s Plan for this part of my life. Your words are inspiring. First I’m God’s child then I move forward with what He wants from me. I’ll be looking for Lorena’s books.

  3. Lorena emailed me these replies:
    To Liz:
    I hope you will give my books a try. Lyn mentioned my earlier book, “Invisible,” and it’s now a free download for Kindle, Nook, and other e-book readers.

    To Kelly:
    How great that you now have the “best job ever” – raising your son!

    To Margaret:
    Not many of us ever get to be a “mistress to the count”! Sounds like a fun job, especially wearing a costume.

    To Sylvia,
    Hey, good to see you here. I didn’t know that you’d ever been a “latrine lady.” I can understand why you can’t use one now. Like me – I couldn’t eat meat for a while after having a tour through a meat-packing plant where I worked in the office.

    To EB Lytton:
    You were fortunate indeed to encounter such a nice and helpful respondent!

  4. Lorena appreciates all these great comments. But for some reason her Internet Explorer won’t let her post!

  5. The strangest job I have ever had was as a telemarketer for a photography studio; my shift was 4-8 pm which put me spouting my sales spiel during the evening meal. Needless to say I was very surprised when the homeowner was courteous and listened to me. I remember my first sale very well but at the time I was so shocked I forgot how to get the information I needed! The call recipient was very helpful and provided me with everything I needed to complete the sale.

  6. The strangest job I had only lasted a week as it was during our county fair. I was the latrine lady and went around to all the porta johns and supplied them with tp. And I would wipe down the seats with disinfectant. There was only one porta john that I had to call on cause it was so nasty. And to this day I cannot use one for myself.

  7. I’ve had many jobs but one of my strangest job titles was mistress to the count. I worked in the tower and Medieval Times dinner theatre in the ticket booth. It was a great cotume!


  8. I have had numerous jobs throughout the years. My first job was working for a Hallmark Card Store. I loved the job but it certainly didn’t pay enough for me to support myself. In college, I was a tutor, a student assistant with the Activities Department, and taught CPR/FA for the Red Cross. My degree is in human services. While I enjoyed working with the people and being an advocate, I hated the politics and importance of limiting funds over needs. Now, I am enjoying the best job ever by raising my son and guiding his online education as well as writing and blogging in my free time. All of my various jobs and diverse college courses have provided a wealth of knowledge for my writing.

  9. I enjoyed this post and am glad you came to your aha moment of realization. I’ve seen these books for a long time but have never bought one–this is a good reminder to do so!

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