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  2. I just wanted to know how come your book true beauty is not available any longer? I was looking forward to reading it,

    Thanks much.

  3. WOW! Amazing testimony of God’s ultimate grace and goodness! I had tears in my eyes as well. I love how God worked in your life and that the reminder of seeing a penny has affected you in such a mighty way. It truly takes a strong woman to go through what you have gone through. Being in the education field allows me to see how kids are brought up dealing with those with special needs. Breaks my heart when no one is sensitive enough to treat them just like any other person. Maybe that’s why I always fall for the ones with special needs. I have an autistic child in my class I am student teaching and he’s my fav! Sometimes I think those with special needs are more sensitive to the needs of others than most people! Love your story!

  4. Juanita, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. God is indeed a comforter and protector. I agree, I am blessed. I am amazed at how much God ‘Loves Himself some Shelia!” (lol). Please keep in touch.

  5. Thank you again, Lyn for hosting me today. I have enjoyed the comments from the guests. I am always deeply humbled by God’s goodness and His favor over my life. May each of you live your dreams now and may the blessings of God overflow!

  6. Sheila, It’s been MY honor and pleasure to have you as a guest. Please let me know when you have another book coming out or something you want to say!

  7. Shelia, you never cease to encourage and amaze me. You are by far the strongest person I know and I am thankful that God placed you in my life years ago. You have more courage than most people I know and are truly a blessing. Thanks for being a great role model and friend!!!

  8. Sheila, wow, what a tragedy to lose Rod, and the beautiful story that led up to your meeting him. We pick up pennies, but they don’t pop up like for you, but next time I do pick one up will look up and say thank you for loving me Lord. Those that go through the most and come through it bring more honor and glory to His name, you are so blessed. I have to get your book(s). Thank you for continuing on in Him. Juanita W

  9. Greetings from your family in the STL. Sheila you have always been an inspiration. Congratulations on successful writings and keep inspiring others through your work.


  10. Hey your the best you inspire me and let me now anything is possible Love u for that..

  11. Thank you Lyn for hosting me on your site today. It is truly a blessing and I am so appreciative for such an opportunity. To Judy, thank you for taking the time to read my ‘testimony’ and for leaving a comment. It is good to know that you have sons who are sensitive to the needs of those who have various illnesses and disabilities. I wish other parents would teach their children to be sensitive as well, but then you also have adults who worse than some of the children.

  12. Now that the tears have cleared enough for me to write….
    What a touching story. I always pick up pennys although it is more hazardous in Arizona’s heat then it was in Indiana! It reminds me of my mom.

    My heart broke when I read Rod was murdered.

    I praise God that our sons are sensitive to folks who have special needs as my husband has a rare syndrome.

    Wishing you well Sheila!

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