Book Monday-Elizabeth White’s Tour de Force

My dear friend Elizabeth White’s latest book from Zondervan will be released April 20th, just a week away. Here’s Elizabeth:

“TOUR DE FORCE is set in the world of professional ballet, so many of the scenes take place in New York City–one of my favorite places to visit. The heroine of this story is Gilly Kincade, who appeared as a secondary character–younger sister of Laurel–in OFF THE RECORD.

In TOUR DE FORCE, Gilly has grown up to become a rising star in one of the premier NYC ballet companies. However, when she comes back to Alabama to dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, she finds herself intrigued by the Birmingham company’s handsome young director, Jacob Ferrar. Gilly and Jacob have to wrestle with ordering priorities in the Christian life: where do building a relationship, pursuing artistic dreams, and serving God fit into the mix?

I found the research involved in writing about dance fascinating. I did a little tap-dancing as a preteen, but needed lots of help with the details of professional ballet. Fortunately I made friends with a young lady who serves God in the beautiful art of dance with grace and dedication. She and her mom have been very generous with their time over the last year or so. I hope my readers will be as inspired as I was to commit my God-given gifts to Him for His use.Oh–and what is a tour de force? In ballet terms, it’s “an arresting, vital step; a feat of technical skill such as a series of brilliant pirouettes or a combination of outstanding jumps and beats.” Fits in with my story nicely!”

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Sounds like a great story, Beth!


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